Gazzetta dello Sport

Spalletti’s goodbye gift

He beats Inter too and leaves Napoli

Behind the scenes of the split with ADL

Luciano will take a year out: ‘It is all defined, the club needs to speak’

And what next? Ideas include Benitez and Italiano

Inzaghi: ‘A mistake to think about City’

Squad rotation doesn’t pay off

Gagliardini sent off and Atalanta are up next

Allegri sees Elkann

Between tension and penalties

‘I am staying, but it’s not only my decision’

Juve out of the top four today?

Lazio win in Udine, Champions League-style victory

Sanabria comeback

Cairo: ‘All there for eighth place’

Draw with Fiorentina

Corriere dello Sport

The last treat

Napoli show no mercy: lesson taught to Champions League Finalists Inter

Another celebration at the Maradona: 3-1

They have beaten everyone in Serie A

Anguissa opens, Lukaku replies, then Di Lorenzo and Gaetano on target

Osimhen offended at the substitution

Spalletti says goodbye: ‘My future is decided’

‘Juve, I am not leaving’

Court of Appeal, verdict by 10pm: risk of -12

Allegri challenges Empoli and lays his cards on the table

‘I am 100% staying, but that is my choice: I cannot know what is in the heads of others. Szczesny? He doesn’t speak Italian well, we ought to be quiet after games’


Juve, the points of contention

The longest day between justice system and football

The real match today is not in Empoli, but at the Court, where Juve are ready to wage battle if the penalisation is too strong

Meanwhile, Allegri takes on everyone, warns Szczesny and confirms his spot on the bench

The club is waiting for Giuntoli to free himself from De Laurentiis (who doesn’t want him joining the Bianconeri)

Napoli, Spalletti anxiety

Inter, Champions League anxiety

Toro, do you really want Europe?

Disappointing 1-1 with Fiorentina

The usual timidity in attack, the usual disappointment at home: only Sanabria responds to Jovic

Cup qualification gets further away

Chants against Cairo even on his birthday

Cremonese return to Serie B

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