Today’s Papers – Scamacca’s getting away, English exam for Italy

Gazzetta dello Sport


Milan, Scamacca’s getting away

Diavolo has to hurry, centre-forward is on PSG’s list

Rossoneri need another striker along with Origi: ideal is the Azzurri hitman

Here’s how they can convince Sassuolo

The English exam

Mancini with the striker and other youngsters to keep growing

Roberto’s courage is the right path

Pogba is ready to become a Juve symbol

Paul and the Old Lady together for four years, deal worth €100m

Inter are closely marking Lukaku

Nerazzurri trip to London

Romelu situation develops, ds Ausilio talks to United about Bastoni and De Vrij

Marriage with Dybala: on Monday the final all-clear

Pirlo starts again from Istanbul, in the stadium that is… cursed

Paolo Berlusconi relaunch: ‘With me and Silvio, Monza will be the new Atalanta

Corriere dello Sport


Roma call Mertens

Lukaku, Inter offer mini-compensation

Pogba to Juve, PSG get in the way

Stalemate between Dries and Napoli

Mou steps in

Marotta excludes exchanges for Romelu

Zidane in Paris could be an obstacle for the return to Turin of the French midfielder

‘Balotelli is the regret’

England-Italy: Mancini relaunches Scamacca and looks back at the World Cup flop



Vlahovic: ‘Burning with desire’

Serbian left the Continassa training ground 10 days after his teammates and will arrive early for pre-season training

His personal trainer Milutinovic: ‘Abdominal muscle problem is resolved, he’ll be ready’

Chiesa: ‘Juve, I am 10 for determination’

It’s time for Gatti

Nations League: England-Italy in Wolverhampton behind closed doors

Top spot to defend, new Juventus player could debut

Pirlo the Turk, Italy is exporting

Andrea signs for Karagumruk

List of our coaches abroad grows to 27

Toro, with Conte’s money you can buy four

Meeting with Tottenham for Bremer: Cairo seeks a maxi offer to then invest in new signings

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