Today’s Papers – Pioli Scudetto ambition, Raiola defends Donnarumma

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Pioli says Scudetto

Milan coach launches his challenge

‘We are there in Serie A, keep going to the end. And I still believe in the Champions League’

‘My contract? No problem, I feel at home here. Ibra is the best, he can be a coach too’

Italy reboot

Raspadori (and not just him): opportunity for third place

On Sunday the Nations League

San Siro for Theo

What a France, Hernandez overturns Lukaku

Belgium KO 3-2, now for Spain

Joya for life

Juve symbol, the renewal rises to 2026


‘Reborn in Turkey. I will help Balotelli return to the Azzurri’

A prince and a… Conte

Newcastle bought by Saudis and now tempt the ex-Inter boss

Premier League just got even richer

After the break stadiums at 75% capacity

All-clear from the Government, there are clubs thinking of season tickets

Vezzali: ‘Total capacity? I hope in 15 days’

It’s 60% for indoor arenas

Corriere dello Sport

‘Gigio, like being put in the stocks’

Agent defends his international Donnarumma

Raiola and the jeers at San Siro: ‘Shameful. And Milan always silent’

‘What did he do wrong? In some situations the blame isn’t only on one side. Disappointed by their silence on the banner’

France, what a comeback

There’s Belgium for Italy

Nations League: 3-2 for the Blues and Final against Spain

Mancini thinks of Raspadori

After KO with Spain, CT studies the baby striker

Kean injured, Azzurri use a 9 in third-place final

Galderisi: ‘He is our future’

Today the Under-21s

Spallett One, king of Naples with Mourinho’s brand

Stadiums 75 per cent open, indoor arenas at 60

Lautaro alarm bells

Inter anxiety ahead of league fixtures

Forward stopped by a muscular problem and missed Paraguay-Argentina

Lazio at risk


Hitman auction

Juve must decide whether to purchase Morata for €35m, but with Liverpool, Atletico and Bayern they dive in for Vlahovic, who splits with the Viola

City go for Haaland, Real sure they’ll get Mbappé, but his mother negotiates a renewal with PSG

Lewandowski only goes for a super offer

Allons enfants!

Nations League, what a France! From 0-2 to 3-2, in the Final with Spain

Italy-Belgium for third place

Ibra makes Milan happy

He does extra work for the Champions League

Lautaro treasure for Inter

KO on international duty, Inzaghi anxious

Belotti-Toro: the turning point

Cairo: ‘I don’t think he wants to sign’