Gazzetta dello Sport

Retegui is ready, Italy not so much

Another goal from the Oriundo: 2-0 in Malta

The centre-forward opens the scoring, Pessina closes it

Revolution isn’t paying off yet, but changing is the right path

Mancini: ‘We should’ve done everything better’

Conte goodbye

It’s over with Tottenham: consensual divorce

Stellini takes the bench

Surprise announcement from the club

Milan study how to raise funds and target Morata

Spanish striker in their sights

Vagnati: ‘Toro increasingly solid with quality youth academy, scouting and infrastructure’

Interview with the Granata technical director

Corriere dello Sport

Only Retegui

EURO 2024 qualifiers: disappointing Nazionale wins 2-0 in Malta

He scores again and wakes Italy up

Lazio want him

Header from the Oriundo and second goal in as many games

Pessina doubles their lead

Mancini critical: ‘We should’ve done everything better’

Napoli-Milan marathon, 16 days without taking a breather

They’ll face off three times between Serie A and Champions League

Fiery April for Spalletti and Pioli, first clash on the 2nd, the last on the 18th

Giordano: ‘Luciano’s squad can open up a new era’

Tottenham, goodbye Conte: consensual termination

Stellini will lead Spurs until the end of the season


Italy, at least he scores goals

European Qualifiers: 2-0 in Malta, Retegui comforts Mancini again

Header from the Oriundo and Pessina tap-in: first victory, but the style is still lacking

Disappointed CT: ‘We need to improve everything’

England beat Ukraine and go to 6 points

Judgment Day

Kostic, Chiesa, Tribunals: Juve wait

Today tests for the two players, preliminary hearing for the Prisma investigation and awaiting the verdict on the Covisoc paper

Vlasic-Miranchuk, purchase at risk

Their destiny depends on that of Juric

If the coach leaves, Toro could give up on the option to buy: Cairo would save €27m

Is there still Joya for Inter?

Roma: Dybala tied to Mou

Brazil take off the mask: ‘Ancelotti coach’

Conte rescinds contract with Tottenham

President of Brazilian Federation after KO with Morocco: ‘Carlo is the preferred choice for the players and fans’

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