Today’s Papers – Now or never for Inter and Milan

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter and Milan

Tricky Champions League fixtures at San Siro and Porto. The Milanese sides must win

Euro, now or never

The Nerazzurri assault the Sheriff bunker with Lautaro-Dzeko

The Rossoneri seek a feat against Porto

Juve comeback: Max tries it again

Allegri wants to secure a top four finish and continue to climb

Roma furious with Orsato, but he won’t be punished

Swab tests in the court of appeal, Lotito, is the day of judgement

Wanda between removed rings, chat, detective and Maxi Lopez

Corriere dello Sport

The last cases at the Olimpico, Udine and Torino shake Serie A

Referees and VAR: a debacle

The AIA won’t suspend Orsato, but admits it’s a mistake no-mistake

The advantage not played, Chiellini’s invasion and the wrong explanation: Juve-Roma still causes controversy

La Viola face defeat against Venezia
Fiorentina, the take off is postponed

Messi VII and that award to the same ones

Messi’s move to PSG decisive, Jorginho penalised

The Champions League is back, Inter and Milan are forced to win to remain in race

Showdown: anxiety for Inzaghi and Pioli

The Nearzzurri against the surprise Sheriff: ‘We are angry’

The Rossoneri at Oporto with Leao in place of Ibra: they need a coup

Towards Inter-Juve
Dybala, quick recovery



Champions: crucial match at Porto
Milan with Giroud plus Ibra as a backup

The Frenchman gets the nod, while Ibra could come off the bench: ‘He is not ready to start’

Inter’s fury against Sheriff

The Nerazzurri are forced to beat Sheriff, the coach must chose the attacking partnership, Lautaro and Dzeko favourite

The Argentinean’s agent returns to Italy: his signature is imminent. Meantime, the Argentinean could return against Inter

Dybala 2026, finally yes

Mandragora, what a relief

‘It’s only the meniscus I’ll come back soon’. He will undergo surgery and return after the break