Today’s Papers – Neurotic Juve, Inter and Roma back on track

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter smile

Nerazzurri relaunched

Champions of Italy hang in there at -7 in third place

D’Ambrosio breaks the deadlock in Empoli, Dimarco seals 2-0

Andreazzoli: ‘We were denied a penalty’

Juve in the dark

Team is confused and plummets to -13

The Allegri cure isn’t working

Sassuolo coup in Turin

Hunt for Milan

Spalletti’s big players seek to catch Pioli’s record side, as Napoli host Bologna

Roma turnaround, Mazzarri now trembles

Atalanta run with Zapata and Ilicic

Italy-Switzerland with the Olimpico 100 per cent open

Inflated football

Pjanic, Osimhen and the capital gains under investigation

Corriere dello Sport

Juve out of the running

Shock stop for the Bianconeri, beaten at home at the 95th by Sassuolo (2-1)

Allegri at -13 from the top: ‘We were naïve, never again so neurotic’

Inter win in Empoli (2-0) and get back on track: they are seven points from Pioli

McKennie replies to Frattesi, then in the final seconds Lopez goal

Nerazzurri show of strength: D’Ambrosio and Dimarco on target

Roma turnaround, Cagliari tremble

Lazio, there’s Pedro

With Ibanez and Pellegrini, Mou remains in fourth

Spaniard is enough for Sarri against the Viola

Spalletti aims to catch up: ‘No complaints’

Napoli can go back to the top with Milan, Lozano chance against Bologna

Capital gains, Agnelli in trouble

FIGC investigates 42 transfers by the Bianconeri

Also looking into Osimhen and the four Napoli players involved in the deal

VAR on demand? It can be done

Mihajlovic and Spalletti open up to the idea

The two coaches are in favour (with suggestions) of the idea proposed by the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio

Italy-Switzerland, the capacity at the Olimpico expanded to 100%: at work for the rest of sport too


Where are you, Juve? -13

Bianconeri disappoint and end up KO against Sassuolo at the photo finish

Allegri: ‘First unbalanced and then neurotic’

Tonight Napoli try to catch up

Roma overturn Cagliari

Inter, what a reboot!

Dea stronger than everything

Inzaghi back to winning ways in Empoli: D’Ambrosio and Dimarco on target

Atalanta get their fourth away victory despite missing so many players: Askildsen own goal, then Zapata and magic Ilicic

Kjaer 2024, a pillar of Milan

Club consolidates foundations, first place, improving balance sheets and records: Rossoneri think big

Message to Cairo: ‘Big Toro’ is Juric’s project

Coach wants to plan progressive growth of team and club, but needs support from the President

The double Gazidis battle in Milan’s splendid season

From the poetry of the Filadelfia to the affliction of the Fila

The five substitutions rule forever, IFAB assist to rich clubs

Cavallo knocks down a wall that shouldn’t be there