Today’s Papers – Napoli and Roma shine in Europe

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Ibra, what the Devil is wrong with you?

Zlatan cannot find peace, he is still injured

Milan ask themselves questions

The Swede doesn’t want to risk it

‘I will listen to by body without thinking that I am Superman’

Emergency remains upfront

Marchisio: ‘Rossoneri are stronger, Juve have to rebuild’

The big match seen by an ex-Bianconeri player

Champions League has English lesson

Stamina, tempo, quality: the Premier League clubs are flying

Italians, you need time

A more Argentinean Inter

Correa-Lautaro upfront, the all-new pairing

Inzaghi thinks of a change in attack

Napoli comeback, dream Osimhen

Europa League, Spalletti gets back to 2-2 at Leicester

Super brace from the Nigerian

Lazio fall away to Galatasaray with incredible Strakosha howler

Roma are a steamroller

Pellegrini show, Mou manita and sixth victory

Conference: Giallorossi 5-1 with CSKA Sofia

Juric fires Toro up: ‘A real test with Sassuolo’

Corriere dello Sport


Europa League, a draw and a defeat from the first round

Napoli comeback in Leicester: two goals down, the striker lets loose (2-2)

Lazio doomed by a Strakosha howler, Galatasaray celebrate (1-0)

Perez and Barnes on target for the English side, then the Nigerian runs riot

Spalletti joy: ‘What character’

Group already an uphill struggle for Sarri: ‘We made progress, only paying for an unfortunate error. Zaccagni did well’

Roma, Pellegrini seals it

Conference League, winning Mou debut with CSKA Sofia (5-1)

In front of 30,000 at the Olimpico, Giallorossi go wild after early scare

Captain bags a brace, Portuguese coach: ‘He told me that he’ll renew’

Sassuolo, Dionisi doesn’t trust Toro

Early Week 4 fixture

Juve-Milan, Ibra surrenders

Sunday’s big match loses a protagonist

He has still not overcome the Achilles tendon problem

‘I will listen to my body without thinking I am Superman’


Gigio who?

On Sunday there’s Juve-Milan: While Donnarumma doesn’t have a regular spot at PSG, Szczesny shakes off his shadow thanks to performance in Malmo and takes on Maignan, who has already won over the Rossoneri

Juric: ‘Toro were lacking quality’

Tonight at Reggio Emilia the early Week 4 fixture against Sassuolo

Granata boss: ‘They had told me bad things about this team, but I discovered the contrary’

Europa League

Strakosha mess

Osimhen supershow!

Lazio KO with Galatasaray, 1-0

Napoli, what a comeback in Leicester: 2-2

Conference League

Mou masterpiece, it’s a spectacular Roma!

Pellegrini (2), El Shaarawy, Mancini, Abraham: 5-1 against CSKA Sofia

Parolo: ‘Inter, trust Inzaghi’

Ex-Lazio man: ‘Simone brings goals and beautiful football, he wants to prove he can do it away from Rome’