Today’s Papers – Money for Skriniar and Leao, referees hit back

Gazzetta dello Sport

Skriniar, here is the money

Zhang to directors: he must stay at Inter

President, with over €100m in financing, gives the OK to extend the defender’s contract and rebuff PSG

Lukaku, another delay

He misses Roma and risks Barca too

Romelu now seven weeks out

Milan, you need 65 for Leao

Negotiations: Club calculates how much it costs to keep him

Salary, penalty to Sporting, threat from Chelsea and City

Rafa’s renewal is getting complicated and time is ticking on

Goodbye to Maciste Bolchi, the first Panini sticker

He was 82 years old, Champion of Italy with the Nerazzurri

Sunday’s woman

Historic first, Ferrieri Caputi will referee SassuoloSalernitana

Vlahovic-Kostic, Max speaks Serbian

Allegri relies on these two for the comeback

Juve bet on the pair regenerated by international duty

Corriere dello Sport

‘We are not the Mafia’

Referees counter-attack and on Sunday the first woman debuts in Serie A

Trentalange to Sarri: ‘Unacceptable accusations, the disciplinary commission has to take action’

Strong response to suspicion of bias against Lazio, put forth by the coach after game with Napoli

Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi will officiate game between Sassuolo and Salernitana

Inter-Roma beyond Jose: it’s Dzeko-Abraham

Dybala resumes training with Mou today

Mancini’s ethics: ‘Those who made a mistake should apologise’

Principles of Club Italia

‘Not to me, but to their teammates’

CT message towards rebels: ‘Nazionale is open even to those who broke the rules. The 2026 World Cup is our new dream’

Bonucci remuntada

Nations League gives Juventus back a regenerated defender

Sitting on a stool in Oporto, exile at Milan, irate fans and clashes with Allegri: Leo will make his 482nd appearance on Sunday and is sixth among the greats

Di Vaio: ‘Bologna, Thiago the man to turn it around’

Rossoblu director reveals motivation behind Mihajlovic divorce: ‘We were no longer in sync’


And still they want to claim they are right!

FIGC and referees insist on the lack of images to justify unfair annulment of Milik goal in Juve-Salernitana

They’re just aggravating the error, wouldn’t it be easier to just admit it?

Gentlemen, Maria Sole is your referee and she rewrites history

Sassuolo-Salernitana on Sunday assigned to Ferrieri Caputi: first woman in Serie A

Denmark against Qatar

Azmoun anti-Iran

Danes at the World Cup with logo and sponsor obscured to protest human rights violations

Bayer striker: ‘Ashamed at the way women are treated’

Inquest into how much the stadiums pollute, there has to be a green turning point

Consuming energy, hundreds and thousands of tons of rubbish, environmental effects worse than automobiles

And in front of the TV…

Asllani exclusive: ‘Inter, I am ready to be Brozovic’

Young Albanian midfielder reassures Inzaghi and Nerazzurri fans: ‘We will get back on track, I believe in the Scudetto’


Born 2005, a baby Toro among the top 60

English pundits won over by the 17-year-old who the Granata already refused to sell to Eintracht and Basel

‘Return to Azzurri? Apologise’

Mancini and controversy over players not called back

CT: ‘Door is open to everyone, even those who did not behave correctly, as long as…’

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