La Gazzetta dello Sport

Courage of the Devil

Racist abuse: Maignan walks off, Milan win at the 93rd

The shame of Udine

Game suspended for 5 minutes, then the goalkeeper returns: ‘They called me a monkey. These ignorant people need to stay home’

Pioli believes, Jovic-Okafor come on and turn it around

Juve seek Serbian overtake

Opportunity for the Old Lady

Allegri top tonight if he wins in Lecce

Vlahovic is hungry for goals

Supercoppa: Can a perfect Inter be beaten?

De Rossi beyond Mou

Verona beaten 2-1

Thrilling debut

Lukaku-Pellegrini launch Roma


Il Corriere dello Sport

Max on the hunt

Allegri in Lecce to snatch first place from Inzaghi

Juve, mission overtake

Racist chants at Maignan: Milan coup (2-3)

Vlahovic and Yildiz are chasing down a fifth consecutive victory to make the most of Inter-Atalanta postponement

Match suspended in Udine for 5 minutes: Okafor goal at the 93rd

Goalkeeper condemns: ‘They called me a monkey’

Roma between two hearts

De Rossi debuts in place of Mou, beating Verona 2-1

Affection for DDR, applause and banners for Jose

Brilliant start: Lukaku-Pellegrini goals in the first 25 minutes

Second half a struggle, Djuric misses a penalty

Rui Patricio error: Folorunsho opens it up again

Napoli, the surprise is Ngonge

Supercoppa: Tomorrow the Final with Inter and the Belgian is warming up

Mazzarri could give him a debut in Riyadh against Inzaghi

De Laurentiis does not stop here: more contact with Fulham for Lukic and Nottingham for Mangala

Popovic has his medical



Yildiz faith in Juve

Tonight in Lecce to overtake Inter: Chiesa KO again, it’s the Turkish talent’s turn once more

The usual knee issue stalls the striker, whereas it’s a calf injury for Rabiot

Allegri: ‘First place? Let’s start by winning. Tortu? We do not need blinders. Cops and robbers? Just a joke for a bit of fun…’

Shame in Udine

Milan win for Maignan

Racist insults, match suspended for 5 minutes

During the first half, the goalkeeper leaves the field after he is targeted: ‘They made monkey noises. Enough! We need strong sanctions’

From anger to a comeback sealed by substitutes Jovic and Okafor: 3-2

Salernitana, crazy idea for Balotelli!

Mario says yes, the striker wants to leave Turkey and Sabatini is thinking it over

Toro mission in Antwerp

Vagnati flies to Belgium for Ekkelenkamp and Wijndal

The trequartista can arrive straight away if Radonjic leaves, the left-back is a target for July

Meanwhile, Angelino offers himself from Turkey

De Rossi, Special goosebumps

Winning debut amid homages to Mou, jeers and worries

Lukaku and Pellegrini launch Roma, but Verona get close to a comeback (another missed penalty)

Protests against players, banners and chants for Mourinho and DDR



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