Today’s Papers – Milan spark Juve crisis, Roma fall

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan stay up

Juve, you’re so low

Pioli catches Inter at the top, awaiting Napoli

Allegri in penultimate place

Morata scores straight away, Rebic silences the Allianz and at the end the Diavolo almost get the victory

Max: ‘If you draw games like this, you won’t win leagues. I made mistakes too’

Mou falls in Verona

Mazzarri stalls Sarri

Corriere dello Sport

Juve rock bottom

It ends 1-1 at the Allianz: Bianconeri in penultimate place and still without a victory

Milan comeback draw and tonight Napoli can become sole leaders

Morata illudes the Bianconeri, then Rebic seals the equaliser

Allegri: Not enough determination, but I made the wrong substitutions

Commisso vents fury against Agnelli and Zhang

Before the big match with the champions: ‘Juve and Inter don’t respect the rules on balance sheets’

Roma, Verona prove fatal

Mazzarri halts Lazio

Mou ends the run at six: Tudor debut victory (3-2)

Cagliari close to a coup at the Olimpico (2-2)

Ronaldo has a taste for it now

Neymar-Icardi, PSG go


Juve crisis

What a Milan!

Call and response Morata-Rebic: Allegri without victories and third from bottom

Roma fall in Verona too, Inter back on top with their cousins

Tonight Spalletti in Udine seeking the poker to restore leadership