Today’s Papers – Milan runaways, Inter and Juve relaunch

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan runaways

Attempt to break out: Giroud decisive

Ninth victory at San Siro, a good Torino beaten

Diavolo suffer and thank the Frenchman, Juric controls the initiative for long periods (‘our best game’) and goes close to an equaliser

Pioli pride: Rossoneri’s best start from 1954-55

Traps and catch-ups

Inter and Juve face provincial tests

The two big clubs visit Empoli and Sassuolo

Nerazzurri with Lautaro and Sanchez

Allegri (200 Serie A games with the Bianconeri) with trio Chiesa-Dybala-Morata

The group of assistant managers, heroes for one day

There are four coaches suspended

Napoli run, but the Maradona doesn’t fill up. Prices to blame?

Tomorrow against Bologna

Transfer market for unhappy players

Sarri keeps the Spaniard on the bench, the Serbian starts

Luis Alberto and Vlahovic agitate Lazio-Fiorentina, but both could leave in January

Salernitana at the photo finish

A draw that does little for Spezia and Genoa

Corriere dello Sport

Giroud breaks clear

Torino beaten at San Siro (1-0) with a goal from the French striker

Milan go +3 from Napoli

Pioli: Now the Roma test, then the derby

Praet close to the equaliser in the final minutes

It’s their ninth win in 10 games, Rossoneri try the first sprint at the top

Azzurri tomorrow against Bologna: they need a victory to be leaders again

Inter and Juve to relaunch

Viola, Gonzalez positive

Champions at Empoli, Bianconeri with Sassuolo

Inzaghi relies on Lautaro, Allegri for the Chiesa-Dybala pairing

Lazio-Fiorentina, Immobile one goal from Piola

Roma visit Cagliari

VAR, why the teams have to call it

After latest errors


Milan break away, but what a Toro!

Giroud goal enough for the Rossoneri, but the Granata put in another great performance, paying for the only defensive distraction

At the end, Praet hits the bar and two Sanabria chances

Mistakes are forbidden

There’s Sassuolo and Max fires up Juve: ‘If we don’t win, then the draw with Inter will be worthless’

Chiesa and Dybala start with Morata

Perin in goal for Szczesny

Spezia waste, Genoa comeback

Colantuono celebrates: first victory

Allegri, February is a long way off, you need to win now

Referees: Gasp and Spalletti still waiting for answers

World class Wanda, mother, manager and wife

Empoli, then the meeting

Inter and Zhang, 48 hours of truth

After one point in two rounds, necessary to get back on track

Tomorrow the President will have to explain the record losses and strategies

Roma in Cagliari tonight

Mou’s law, the outcasts left at home