Today’s Papers – Milan and Lazio turnaround, Inter lose heads

La Gazzetta dello Sport

His Highness Milan

What a turnaround: from 0-2 to 3-2 and back on top!

Verona frighten the Rossoneri, but Giroud sparks the comeback after the break

Ibra comes on too

Pioli: ‘We have built a great team’

Inter lost the game and their heads

Lazio comeback: 3-1

Inzaghi accuses his men: ‘Let tension get to us’

Play well for an hour, go in front, but don’t finish the job

Anderson scores with Dimarco on the ground: furious brawl

Juve-Roma, who is taking off?

Dybala not called up, but Abraham makes the trip

Allegri-Mou, offer a hand

‘Jose, the added bonus’

‘Max and I, two winners’

Napoli-Toro, big game hunters

Insigne seeking another victory

Belotti back in the starting XI: wants his 100th Serie A goal

Incredible Zigoni: ‘Dribbling and bullets, I played without limits’

Wanda on Instagram attacks and reveals: ‘I’m separating from my husband’

Icardi accused of having another woman

Corriere dello Sport

Inzaghi, bitter love

Coach celebrated before the match by his ex-fans, but then KO (3-1)

Lazio turnaround, a defeat that hurts for Inter, with final brawl

Milan leapfrog to the top of the table: what a comeback with Verona (3-2)

Nerazzurri ire over Anderson’s goal with Dimarco down hurt, Luiz Felipe sent off at the end

Sarri: ‘Only here do we see arguments like this’

Simone: ‘We lost our heads after the 2-1, never again’

Spalletti: ‘Napoli, now for the good stuff’

Toro at the Maradona

Azzurri for an eighth consecutive victory: ‘Many games close together, but I’ve got Demme, Mertens and Lobotka back’


Juve-Roma: Dybala out, Abraham tries

From Berna, Bonucci, Chiesa and Locatelli to Cristante, Mancini, Pellegrini and Zaniolo: maxi-showdown with an Italian flavour

Allegri and Mou, fair play in the build-up


Chiesa anti-Mou

Striker the key man for Juve against Roma

Allegri: ‘Another seven games to win in order to make up lost ground’

Gallo, now you sing!

Toro get Belotti back against Napoli after 50 days out

Juric: ‘He’s not in top shape, but Andrea can already help us’

Devil of a Milan!

Inter, collapse and brawl

Stronger than the emergency, Rossoneri fight back from two goals down to beat Verona

Giroud on target, Ibra back too, night at the top awaiting Napoli

Lazio turnaround, Anderson scores for 2-1 with Dimarco on the ground: Nerazzurri (first defeat) erupt

Inzaghi: ‘We can’t lose our heads’

Kovalenko saves Motta