Today’s Papers – Milan and Inter close as Napoli stall

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan and Inter to shout about

Pioli at -1

Super Ibra free kick and Messias brace against Genoa

Zlatan: ‘Now it’s my turn to renew the contract…’

Inzaghi at -2

It’s all easy against Spezia: Gagliardini and Lautaro penalty

Now the meeting with Mou

Napoli fall apart

On Saturday the super showdown with Atalanta

Sassuolo from 0-2 to 2-2

Koulibaly and Ruiz KO, and Spalletti sent off

Bologna soar, Roma deflate

Toro mark 115 years and want to celebrate

Private paperwork a mystery, investigators ready to call CR7

Investigation at Juve

Ballon d’Or: the latest gaffe as they forget Paolo Rossi

Controversy continues

Corriere dello Sport

The pile-up

Balanced at the top of the table: Milanese pair close on Spalletti

Napoli suffer Sassuolo comeback (2-2), now at +1 over Milan

Ibra-Messias, 3-0 at Genoa

Inter beat Spezia: -2 from the top

Azzurri pay for three muscular injuries, but there was a foul on the equaliser: coach sent off

Pioli puts the ex Shevchenko in trouble

Gagliardini-Lautaro: Inzaghi advances (2-0)

Sinisa stops Mou, Bologna can dream

Roma fall at the Dall’Ara (1-0)

Svanberg decides

Special One attacks Pairetto: ‘It’s difficult for Zaniolo to play in Serie A, he should go abroad’

Abraham and Karsdorp booked: they will miss Inter on Saturday

Sarri: Beaten against Napoli before we even started, now let’s get back up

Lazio-Udinese this evening

Juve investigation, two directors won’t talk to the magistrates


‘We’re on our way!’

Napoli stall, Milan and Inter close up

Spalletti’s team suffer Sassuolo comeback

Milanese pair take advantage: Pioli gives a triple disappointment to Sheva with Ibra goal and Messias brace, while Nerazzurri dominate Spezia with Gagliardini and Lautaro

Vlahovic, what an intrigue between Juve and Arsenal!

Fiorentina want to sell the hitman abroad, but the Serbian is not attracted by the English prospect and winks at the Bianconeri

Meanwhile, Allegri focuses on the Morata-Dybala tandem to get a full house in the next four games

Toro, give yourself a gift

Tomorrow the club turns 115 years old, tonight against Empoli

Juric: ‘Win so we can celebrate’ and sends more messages to Cairo

Mihajlovic takes down Mou, it’s a European Bologna