Today’s Papers – Maldini’s dynasty, thrilling Inter-Atalanta

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan, double party, Daniel scores and Pioli returns to the top
Maldini forever
After Cesare and Paolo, the third of the dynasty makes his debut as a starter. ‘A great joy’. Dad celebrates in the stands. Spezia comeback, but Diaz is decisive again

Napoli, the pushes of the Maradona and Osimhen for the leadership

Inter are crazy again
Four goals, posts, a missed penalty by Dimarco and VAR saving the hesitant Handanovic. Gasp enjoys Malinovskyi.

Allegri needs more faith, there’s Berna with Chiesa

Immobile targets Piola, Totti gambles on Abraham

Corriere dello Sport

A Maldini on target as the Rossoneri return to the top
The Devil’s grandchildren
From Cesare to Daniel and Paolo. It’s Milan’s dynasty.

Azzurri against Cagliari to return to the top
Napoli for the sixth, Spalletti: ‘Scudetto? We don’t hide’
Emotions, goals, controversies: Inter’s 2-2 draw against Atalanta makes only Pioli happy

Mau against Mou their first Derby della Capitale

Allegri, Sampdoria is worth as much as Chelsea

Ronaldo and Lukaku, a bitter Saturday. Pep: what a revenge


Milan dynasty
Win at La Spezia, Pioli returns to the top waiting for Napoli vs. Cagliari. First goal in Serie A for Daniel Maldini, following his grandfather and dad’s footsteps.

Inter stop, what a Dea!
Thrilling match at San Siro: Lautaro scores. Atalanta comeback with Malinovskyi and Toloi. Dzeko levels the scoring. Dimarco misses a penalty and VAR rules out Piccoli’s goal.

Joy at home
Juve: today againt Samp, on Wednesday against Chelsea

Juric loses Pjaca, alarm in attack