Today’s Papers – King Lautaro, Napoli Martians

Gazzetta dello Sport

King Lautaro

Nerazzurri take the derby: New captain is implacable

Inter dominate

Pioli changes and sinks: Milan never get a shot on goal

First half one-way traffic, Inzaghi doubles up: ‘Wonderful’

Leao only comes on after the break

Napoli’s Martians

Triumph in La Spezia too, the march continues

Kvara-Osimhen from another planet

Now they are scary in the Champions League too

Toro dreams

Udinese beaten, air of Europe

Karamoh strike and seventh place

Cairo: ‘I don’t look at the table’

Zaniolo says yes to Galatasaray, now Roma decide

Agreement is close

Juve injuries, in five years their players missed 180 games

Corriere dello Sport

Inter not giving up

Only the Nerazzurri can maintain the tempo set by Spalletti, gap remains at -13

Lautaro’s 12th pearl: Inzaghi beats Milan again (1-0)

Napoli extraordinary, Kvara and Osimhen annihilate Spezia (0-3)

Georgian converts a penalty, Victor leaps into the sky at 2.58m, then adds a third goal

Shameful chants against Neapolitans

Pioli moves to an all-new three-man defence, but falls just like in the Supercoppa

Brozovic is back, Lukaku improving

Lazio in Verona for third place

Zaniolo heading towards Turkey

Icardi’s Galatasaray offer €15m: the request from Roma is €20m plus bonuses

Muriqi punishes Ancelotti and Pep slips


Di Maria, it’s a matter of dignity

Next few months won’t change evaluation of his extraordinary career, but now Juve and fans want more for his €7m salary

Meanwhile, Allegri makes a few calculations: 35 points for safety or Europe

EuroToro, this is how we want you!

Karamoh lets them overtake Udinese, can dream in seventh place

Juric praises the team (‘such determination!’)

Cairo relaunches: ‘Contract is ready, Ivan can renew whenever he wants’


Kvara penalty, then Osimhen (brace): Ciao Spezia, Napoli break away

Ruthless Lautaro

Milan have lost their way

Pioli at a fourth consecutive defeat, Leao on the bench causes controversy

Martinez implacable in the derby, Inter confirm the supremacy seen in Riyadh: Nerazzurri alone in second

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