Today’s Papers – Juventus under pressure, Messi’s farce

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Juve under pressure

Arrivabene questioned for three hours

The magistrates are convinced to close everything within a month. They accuse: the football system is sick. Documents will be soon passed on to the sporting justice. Collapse in the stock exchange

Allegri climbs with K2: Kean and Kulusevski

Formula Zhang

There’s always Suning in the future of Inter. Marotta until 2024

Abuser identified, he risks big. It’s sexual harassment

Atalanta run with Scudetto pace: a test of truth for Gasperini

Pioli lab

At work to fix Milan. Tomori and Tonali vital

From Ibra to Dzeko, when goals make you younger

Corriere dello Sport

Arrivabene in the public prosecutor’s office for three hours. Last chance saloon in Salerno today

Juventus under pressure

Capital gains, billing and agents warrants on target. Soon Agnelli questioned, the FIGC asks for documents

Allegri: let’s get out of the storm without making trouble

‘Try to recover can be fun, transitional years don’t exist’

The Azzurri are runaway leaders for the first time in 32 years

Power to Napoli

From Osi to Mertens, how Spalletti built a new hegemony

The big return of the Belgian star relaunches the Azzurri’s ambitions. Key match against Sassuolo who beat Milan at San Siro

Seventh Ballon d’or to Leo and Ronaldo’s fury

Messi, the award is a farce

Alvarez, here’s Inter


Air of blow

Agnelli tells employees: ‘We are calm’

Capital gains: the public prosecutor willing to hand points deduction to all the guilty clubs. Juventus president calms the environment. CEO Arrivabene was questioned by the prosecutor.

Toro in trouble

Belotti out at least for two months


‘Inter’s directors will renew’

All on Kean

Tonight in Salerno Juventus gamble on the striker to solve their problem with goal. ‘We need to find a way to get out of the storm’

Messi VII, but Lewa is awarded by Tuttosport

Greta Harassed: the guilty one is identified