Today’s Papers – Juventus at risk, FIGC open investigation

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Juventus, the risk is there

Football Federation enquiry – the penalty nightmare and UEFA’s shadow.

FIGC investigation on salaries and the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office is ready to ask for Agnelli’s trial. Allegri wanted to resign but Elkann confirmed him.


Who is the president of the new course, Family Accountant.

Trezeguet: ‘If you need me I can come back, former players are useful for clubs’


Never-ending head-to-head.

Leo against Poland and challenging Ronaldo.

Frappart beyond the walls, the female referee conquers the world.

USA freezes Iran, Koulibaly’s goal and dedication for Ischia.

Corriere dello Sport

Juventus at risk

The club turns over a new leaf after Agnelli’s and the entire board of directors’ resignations.

False accounting, new FIGC investigation: penalty feared.

Elkann appoints Ferrero as president: ‘We will win again’

John thanks cousin and confirms Allegri: ‘We count on him a lot’

Cherubini remains in the saddle, upheaval also at Ferrari, Binotto’s departure official.

The roar of Rashford

English overwhelming, in the Round of 16 they take on Koulibaly.

USA battle with Iran: Pulisic decides. Today Poland-Argentina, Messi in or out.

Kessie, surprise move, he offered himself to Inter


Juventus counter-attack

Elkann: ‘The future will be extraordinary’

Elkann does not want to downgrade the club’s ambitions and is ready to support it financially as well.

The coach is confirmed by the owners and restarts: ‘Now all to work for results’

Discovering the new president with two colleagues and friends: ‘Rigorous and competent, he will do very well’

Sporting judge widens legal front but Juve remains calm: ‘Acted within the rules’

Di Maria-Szczesny, there’s the World Cup in play

Koulibaly, hero’s heart: ‘It’s for the people of Ischia’

Pulisic eliminates Iran, in the Round of 16 USA-Netherlands

Kessie proposes himself, no Milan, no Inter

‘Leao decides who he wants to be’ – Ambrosini interview

We’re free, who will offer the most?

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