Today’s Papers – Juve, watch out for CR7, Argentina thank Messi

Gazzetta dello Sport

Juve, watch out for CR7

More problems for the Old Lady

Ronaldo has requested the dossier from Turin prosecutor’s inquest to have ‘his’ €20m

‘Chiesa and Kulusevski overpaid, he drugged the transfer market’

Wiretaps, Cherubini against Paratici

Messi for a thousand and one nights

Leo leader with goal and magic: Argentina into the quarter-finals with late Australia scare

They face the Netherlands and super Dumfries

Rodrygo: ‘Brazil, I’ll be your Neymar with his advice’

Pele anxiety, he isn’t responding to treatment

He insists: ‘I am strong’

Scudetto, here we come

The long chase after Napoli for Milan, Juve and Inter

Ibra back to training

Pogba and Lukaku fired up

Here is how four great exes read the sprint

Bagni, Albertini, Cabrini and Bergomi opinions

Corriere dello Sport

A billion for Juve

From rumours over possible sale to valuation

High finance is active around the club, including industrial alliances

If they weren’t floated on the stock exchange, most of the problems wouldn’t be an issue

The controversy of daily diffusion of wiretaps

Leo Gratias

Argentina thank Messi again: on Friday the Dutch in the quarter-finals

Australia beaten 2-1: the captain opens, then Alvarez on target

Thrilling finale

Lautaro disappoints

Van Gaal flies: United States KO (3-1)

Mbappé, there’s the challenge with Szczesny

Striker aiming for the Ballon d’Or leads France

He seeks more goals against Poland: wants to become heir to Benzema

Senegal obstacle for England

Anxiety for Pele, treatment suspended

Brazil is worried


Juve: Away from Turin

Here is why

Trial on balance sheets: move from the Bianconeri lawyers

Club is convinced it must be judged in Milan, which is where the stock exchange is based

Rome is an alternative

Request to move the trial advanced even before the trial is announced: response by December 18

‘Juric, Filadelfia, Museum, youth team, our Toro’

Round table organised by Tuttosport

Boosta, Giancarlo Caselli, Marco Cassardo, Steve della Casa, Marco Ligabue, Oskar, Carmelo Pennisi, Willie Peyote, Paolo Quaregna and Stefano Radice united for the 116th anniversary of the club: ‘We explain the real Toro we would like’

Messi and that’s it!

Leo, at his thousandth game, is the only light for Argentina: left foot for 1-0 and magic moves that weren’t developed

After Alvarez doubles their lead, Australia close to a shock equaliser: 2-1 final result

On Friday there’s the Netherlands in the quarters

Dumfries fireworks, Inter start counting

Two assists and a goal: Netherlands 3-1 USA

Now for Mbappé

Szczesny, are you ready?

Today France-Poland and England-Senegal

Rodriguez, what a sprint: ‘I owe it to Juric’

Swiss surprise, Granata player in top shape

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