Today’s Papers – ‘Juve, wake up’

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Let’s do the trick again!

From the Euros to the cup of dreams

Juve look for Joya

The Italians start at 21.00 [local time, 20.00 UK time]

Allegri, there’s Dybala against Malmö FF. Chiesa and Bernardeschi still out

Lautaro, the great battle against Benzema and Vinicius

Tomorrow, Real Madrid at San Siro

Kaka: “Milan, Anfield is ideal. There you can have fun and grow”

What’s wrong with the Old Lady

Bologna fourth thanks to Svanberg

Di Francesco trembles

Totti speaks: “Zaniolo, I’m waiting for you”

“He needs to mature and demonstrate more, let’s talk in three years…”

“Roma, Pellegrini is a great captain. Abraham is top level, he will definitely do well”

Corriere dello Sport

The Champions starts: Juve are at Malmö

“Guys, wake up”

Allegri pushes the youngsters: “I’m emotional, they need to do well straight away”

Chiesa and Bernardeschi out. Atalanta against Villarreal

The Mancini factor

The gift of goals that makes the difference

The new bosses

Surprises, confirmations and disappointments: the geography of Serie A after three games

The character of Roma, the quality of Milan and Napoli: it changes at the top

Only Juve and Atalanta behind the expectations, but there’s still time

Inter and Lazio search for balance. The news are the Viola

Bologna, Sinisa style

Di Francesco in trouble

Verona beaten 1-0, Rossoblu are fourth

Why Mourinho has already won

Ibra’s secret, goes to the pitch at 9.00am alone

Dal Pino: “Stadiums 100 per cent open”


EuroGoddess with the ace

Gasperini finally has De Roon back at Vila-Real: “Atalanta, we need a special game”

Inter: Simone, a Real dream

Milan: Ibra, attacking the Reds

Everyone with Max: “Juve, wake up!”

The managers followed the training with Allegri, who then prepared the squad ahead of the first game in the Champions League against Malmö: “We are all responsible, we must grow quickly”

Bernardeschi and Chiesa at home

After the 4-0: Vanja: “Come on, Toro!”

Milinkovic quotes Mourinho, exalts the Granata, and Belotti recovers

Svanberg: Bologna party (1-0)

Euphoria at Roma: Super Mou running

The win over Sassuolo, the joy of the Portuguese: And for CSKA towards exhaustion