Today’s Papers – Juve vs. Milan, the showdown

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Dear friend, I challenge you
Inter against Bologna is Inzaghi against Mihajlovic. Eriksson’s sons face each other

Juventus, the showdown
They must win against Milan to climb from -8. The club announce a record loss of €210m, now the turnaround

‘Great Giroud, but the Old Lady can still win the title’

Duel Tonali-Loca
Different twins, the midfield is baby boom

Racist abuse of Bakayoko, investigation open on Lazio

Toro is spectacular
Chances, goalposts and Pjaca’s stunner. Sassuolo dominated

Vlahovic wants to make La Viola fly
Atalanta visit Ribery

Corriere dello Sport

The big match at the Allianz Stadium becomes decisive for Allegri’s raise
The showdown
Juve, eight points behind and a loss of €210m ahead of tomorrow’s match with Milan

Dybala must fill the void left by Ronaldo, without Ibra and with Giroud in doubt, Pioli will rely on Rebic-Diaz

Osiking of Napoli
‘Like Mbappé’

A Captain like Totti
Roma, the Pellegrini-era is born

Lautaro-Correa to beat Sinisa
Inzaghi gambles on the Argentineans. Mihajlovic: ‘We can win’. Torino beat Sassuolo


What a Toro!
Great performance in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo. A Pjaca goal decided the match, but the Granata dominated, hit the post twice and created many goal-scoring opportunities

Raiola’s messages
Juventus, do you want Pogba?
‘The contract with Man United expires and Paul loves Turin. Donnarumma and Juventus, I tell you everything. Romagnoli and De Ligt can play together in Turin, but it’s not sure the Dutch will stay’

Lautaro and Tucu: in the name of Milito
Correa will make his debut as a starter, playing close to Martinez. The Argentineans had dinner with the hero of the Treble