Today’s Papers – Juve push for Vlahovic, Leao warns the Bianconeri

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Positives, three games on the brink

Atalanta postpone their trip

Interview: unleashed between Milan-Juve and Scudetto

Leao Meravigliao

‘We are stronger and ready to win. I’ve changed and I can make the difference. Pioli and Ibra trust me’

But Inter are ready to run away.

Inzaghi motivates Dzeko and considers his pupil Caicedo

Juve…a yes ready

A top salary offered to Vlahovic: €7 per year

Kalinic turns Bologna around

Genoa, Blessin debuts

Napoli sweating over Ounas

Corriere dello Sport

Between present and future, tomorrow’s match rotates around them

Tonali-Loca head to head

Milan-Juve put them face to face, Mancini is waiting for them for the play-offs

The maturation of the Rossonero and the centrality of Allegri’s playmaker, they are the protagonists of two teams that must get the three points. Problems for Orsato, Dei Bello to referee.

Mihajlovic in the dark, Bologna disappears

Inter-Venezia is on the brink. Eight players are positive at Venezia. No postponement as provided by the protocol, new round of swab tests today.

The judge decides to replay the match with Bologna

Sarri: ‘They are impoverishing football’

‘Too many games, avoidable distortions.’ Alert contagions, La Dea travels today


Here’s the offer for Vlahovic

Like this or like this?

60 million

The Bianconeri seem willing not to include players in the deal. Attempt to sign the bomber in January with an offer which includes bonuses

Inter-Venezia yes

Lazio-Dea maybe

The Veneti are ready to play, Atalanta waiting for this morning’s tests

Toro pounce in Cisse and idea Diawara

The Senegalese defender closely monitored at the AFCON like the Guindean of Roma

Verona turn Bologna around. Genoa-Udinese, Blessin’s debut