Today’s Papers – Italy want a full house, Spain and France stutter

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Mancini, you are all of us

Italy-Wales in Rome

The favourites all struggle, the Azzurri want to close the group top with maximum points and fly to Wembley for the Round of 16

The CT can equal Pozzo’s unbeaten record

‘Relax, there will be no fix’

Nazionale rotation

From Belotti to Verratti, Italy release the quality reserves

Veronesi: ‘Like in ’78, there is joy and youth’

Germany overturn Ronaldo

Panzer Gosens crushes Portugal

Hungarian cauldron stops France

Bleus arrogant, now they are at risk

Spain, draw and problems

Morata is not enough (18th goal from Serie A players)

Inter call Eriksen to pre-season training

The Inzaghi era begins on July 8 and he could salute his teammates

President Zhang renews contracts with the management to 2024 before flying to China

Zemanlandia, Foggia prepare for Act 4

Corriere dello Sport

Azzurri full house

Euros, Italy already in the last 16: Mancini makes space for the reserves

Beat Wales to finish top and equal Pozzo’s record

Bringing in Verratti, Belotti, Bastoni and Bernardeschi

Doubt for Chiesa

CT: ‘We play to win’

Germany, slap to CR7

An Italian stops France

Lewa responds to Morata: 1-1 between Spain and Poland

Havertz and Gosens take down Portugal, who had taken lead with Ronaldo: 4-2

Hungary led by Rossi frighten Deschamps’ stars: 1-1

Zhang, contract for Marotta and Ausilio

Inter come back together

President announces renewal for the directors, so Scudetto staff confirmed

Zeman resumes from Foggia at age 74


There’s the Gallo for Wales

Last game of the group in Rome today

Italy already in the Round of 16, top spot up for grabs

Mancini: ‘No calculations on future opponents, we play to win’

Azzurri rotation: Belotti in

Black armband to remember Boniperti

Juve, 400m on the way

Planned increase in capital for autumn

CR107, but Gosens is super

Spain, Morata is not enough

Inter: Zhang relaunches

Marotta and Ausilio ready to renew

Contracts extended to 2024 to all the sporting directors

After Spurs accusations, Carolina Morace defends Gattuso

‘Homophobic and sexist? Rino has rare gifts, he is against all forms of discrimination’

Foggia, the return for Zeman 4.0!