Today’s Papers – Italy do it again, Vlahovic bidding war

La Gazzetta dello Sport

‘One trophy leads to another’

Mancini: ‘We don’t want to stop’

Nations League semi-final: Italy-Spain

Sold out in Milan

Chiesa-Insigne on the attack

CT’s hope: ‘Unbeaten until the end of the World Cup’

Banner against Gigio, but you shouldn’t jeer an Azzurri player

Vlahovic bidding war

Commisso dumps him and asks for €90m

Dream is Juve, while City…

Fiorentina President: ‘He doesn’t want to renew’

Koulibaly incident, video identifies the racist ultra

Viola collaborating

From Theate to Osimhen, hair and crazy quirks in Serie A

Curls or bleached tresses, there’s every kind of style

Look here, Giroud and Ibra: 726 goals return

After break for international duty, Pioli hopes to have the pair who in their careers scored hundreds of times

Swede fires up Milan: ‘Who wins the Scudetto? Whoever has Zlatan’

Inter check-up

Dzeko at the top, Calha a flop

X-Ray analysis of the reigning champions

Corriere dello Sport

Let’s do it again

At the Meazza, Italy take on Spain for the Final, three months after Wembley

Mancini: ‘We want the Nations League’

Insigne False 9 the first choice

Space for Pellegrini if Lorenzo acts as centre-forward

CT fired up: ‘With 14 months until Qatar, we have to keep getting better’

Luis Enrique: ‘You’re the best in the world’

Fabio Capello: ‘They can keep the ball, we’ll have the chances’

Racist abuse of Koulibaly, the net tightens

FIGC postpones the verdict

Close to identifying the guilty individuals

Chiellini: As an Italian, I am ashamed

Vlahovic bidding war

Fiorentina announce the divorce

Commisso out in the open: ‘He said no to a renewal’

Big clubs lining up, Juve and Atletico lead the way


Invincibles on the attack!

At San Siro there’s Italy, unbeaten in 37 games, facing Spain in the Nations League semi-final

Mancini fired up: ‘We’ll lose sooner or later, but after the World Cup in Qatar…’

Chiellini: ‘No more racist chants’

Assist for Juve

Vlahovic splits with the Viola: Bianconeri plan activated

Toro: Juric effect, the chief medic is dismissed

Casiraghi: ‘Ibra should’ve been Ballon d’Or!’

Interview with the ex-hitman: ‘Zlatan is complete and changed the way of playing, he can co-exist with Giroud’

Butragueno: ‘Golden Boy, a gem’

Spaniard is part of the prestigious jury for the Golden Player, another Tuttosport award