Today’s Papers – Interminable, Milan-Juve worth weight in gold

La Gazzetta dello Sport

His Highness Dzeko

A night at +5, Inter beat Venezia 2-1

Bosnian soars to nod in at the 90th and win a complicated game for the leaders

Barella equaliser after Henry opened the scoring

Tomorrow summit with Zhang to discuss reinforcements: the first name is Caicedo

Atalanta, a point that means a lot

Torino seeking a hat-trick

Milan-Juve worth its weight in gold

Diavolo to chase the Scudetto dream

Old Lady to get back into the Champions League zone

Lazetic on the way, third striker is only 18

Vlahovic in pole position, but Bianconeri also go for Martial

Napoli seek a masked goal, Osimhen back from the start after two months

He will face Salernitana

Mancini tempted to bring Balotelli into Azzurri get-together

Last Nazionale appearance in 2018

Football mourns Gianni Di Marzio, he discovered Maradona and Ronaldo

He coached Napoli and Catania

Corriere dello Sport


Inzaghi snatches another success in the final seconds: 2-1 against Venezia

Nerazzurri try to break away: Dzeko overturns after Barella equaliser

Milan, Juve test: it’s the Ibra-Dybala battle

Napoli, Insigne returns

For Inzaghi a night at +5 over the Rossoneri: ‘Victory of will, Edin was wonderful’

Pioli forced to avoid errors

Goodbye Di Marzio, man who discovered Maradona

Mancini looks to the past, Balotelli is coming back

Mario in the Azzurri get-together


Milan-Juve, who will be great again?

Rossoneri seek fightback after KO with Spezia, Bianconeri want to get back into the Champions League zone

Pioli chooses Ibra, Allegri bets on Dybala

Inter surge in the name of Dzeko

Dea stronger than their emergency

Barella and the Bosnian overturn Venezia

Atalanta decimated by absences still resists Lazio

Genoa: Blessin debuts with a point

Juric fires up Torino

Today there’s Sassuolo

Coach sends more signals fort he transfer market and calls on the fans

Ciao Gianni, you saw Maradona

Football mourns Di Marzio