Today’s Papers – Inter Express, Juve-Milan goosebumps

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter Express

The goal train: 15 in four games

Bologna flattened 6-1

Lautaro a real leader, Dzeko brace, Dumfries acts like Hakimi and Inzaghi is enjoying it: ‘Quality and quantity’

Juve-Milan, what history!

There are 120 years od clashes and tonight at the Stadium an extraordinary top to bottom

Allegri bluff at -8: ‘It’s more important for them than for us’

Dybala and Morata upfront, Chiesa on the bench

Pioli without veterans: ‘We are not favourites and Liverpool helped us’

Ibrahimovic and Giroud out, Maignan at risk

Fiorentina show, the flight continues

Atalanta suffer, then smile with Zapata

Roma in Verona, Mourinho seeks the seventh victory

Corriere dello Sport

Inter, show of strength

The champions cancel the KO with Real and spend the night top

Inzaghi flattens Bologna (6-1) and sends a message to his rivals

On Tuesday the clash with Fiorentina, who win at Genoa: 1-2

Dzeko, who came on after Correa’s injury, scores a brace

Lautaro, Skriniar, Barella and Vecino also on target

Zapata stuns Salerno (1-0)

Juve-Milan the game of a hundred Scudetti

Players on the pitch put together reach 99

Pioli doesn’t have Ibra and Giroud

Max at a crossroads


Juve-Milan goosebumps

Dybala, you sign it!

Bianconeri ask La Joya to take the team in hand for tonight’s big match

Then a new contract tying him to the club until 2025

Allegri: ‘The match matters more for them’

Luna Park Inter

Euroviola, ruthless Dea

Bologna non-existent: 6-1 from the champions of Italy

Nerazzurri have 15 goals in four rounds, nine different players on target and a night at the top

Fiorentina break Genoa: third consecutive victory and ambitions growing

Atalanta suffer, but conquer Salerno

Mou seeks his seventh seal

Juric Mania

Belotti, do you like this Toro?

He wants a team up to his standards to renew his contract: first signals