La Gazzetta dello Sport

Marvellous Inter

Decisive step towards the Scudetto

Atalanta flattened too (4-0) with Darmian, Lautaro, Dimarco and Frattesi who then gets hurt

Inzaghi: ‘We are fantastic, I have been enjoying this for two and a half years’

Osi-Kvara exaggerate

First victory for Calzona

Victor hat-trick, two goals for the Georgian

Napoli beat Sassuolo 6-1: Europe is close

Juve start the post-Chiesa era, Raspadori idea appears

Unlikely contract renewal

Il Corriere dello Sport

Inter targeting 100

Inzaghi demolishes Atalanta too (4-0) and maintains a record-setting pace

What numbers: 69 points out of 78, like Juve in 2014

Same average as Conte: Scudetto locked down

Simone at +12 over Max

Darmian opens the rout, then Lautaro strikes, he is now -13 from Ciro and Higuain’s record

Dimarco seals the third after Argentine misses a penalty, Frattesi closes the show

Osi and Kvara: Napoli score 6 past Sassuolo

The end of the tunnel

Milan and Bayern: Sarri’s days

Lazio gamble everything

Tomorrow evening Mau hosts Pioli at the Olimpico and on Tuesday in Munich it’s the key clash with Tuchel for access to the Champions League quarter-final

Yesterday he took the whole team out to dinner

Juve, Rabiot’s promise

Adrien sees himself still in the Bianconeri jersey: ‘Here for more Scudetti’

Frenchman has a contract that is running down, but sees his future clearly: ‘I will win again with this shirt. Allegri? Few as good as him’

Chiesa alarm: ankle problem


Juve renewal, Rabiot is pushing

‘I want to win more Scudetti here’

The club celebrates his 200th Bianconeri appearance and the Frenchman’s words sound like a clear signal for the future, despite the elevated salary and proposals from abroad

Nicolussi Caviglia to Bologna can lower the cost of Ferguson

Allegri has Kean back: but another problem for Chiesa

Bellanova liked in the Premier League

Manchester United and Aston Villa emissaries already watched him twice in Italy

Toro winger impressed not just Spalletti

Goalkeeper issue: Vanja appreciated in Turkey, Serbia and Saudi Arabia

Cairo values him at 10m, while Atalanta want 7-8m for Musso

Schuurs changes agent, with the transfer market in the background

Series of 4-0 results

Inter are devastating: +12

Atalanta KO

Darmian, Lautaro, Dimarco and Frattesi for an 11th consecutive victory

Marotta: ‘Inzaghi is staying here’

Osi-Kvara, they’re back!

Max, watch out

Sassuolo beaten 6-1

Napoli get back on their feet: 1st victory for Calzona and on Sunday there’s Juve

Gattuso in Emilia?

Leao’s future: ‘I remain at Milan for love and loyalty’

Ratcliffe United: billions and controversy

One thought on “Today’s Papers – Inter demolish Atalanta, Napoli are back”
  1. I think saying Inter demolished Atalanta is a bit strong, they would have probably won the game and were the better side but three absolutely blaring VAR decision ruined the game and destroyed any chance La Dea had of getting anything from the game.

    Had the first decision gone their way it could have completely changed the course of the game, and the penalties decisions killed of any chance of a comeback. Not to mention encroachment by a player who eventually put the saved penalty away that wasn’t even spotted, odd considering the micromanagement on other issue.

    The commentary team even said “If these decisions were against Inter, would they have been given.”

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