Today’s Papers – Inter crazy overtake, Juve flop

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter, crazy overtake

Nerazzurri back to +1

Bad start: Empoli lead 2-0

San Siro inspires the squad to a great comeback: 4-2

Lautaro unstoppable (brace)

Inzaghi: ‘Iron character’

And Milan are fired up

Pioli must respond to recapture top spot, the statistics push them on

Tomorrow in Verona

Juve flop

Dybala-goal not enough

Vlahovic is now a problem

Criscito, revenge at the 96th and Genoa can still hope

Promoted to Serie A

Lecce and Cremonese can celebrate

Monza upset, it’s the play-offs again

Tug of war between Toro and Napoli for the final sprint

Corriere dello Sport

Toro the comeback kid

Scudetto race, Argentine’s brace relaunches the Nerazzurri (4-2)

Lautaro overturns Empoli: Inter go top and wait for Verona-Milan

Juve crumble at Marassi: Dybala illusion, at the 96th a Genoa slap

Inzaghi’s side goes 0-2 down, then the reaction: ‘We don’t give up’

Allegri distraught after 1-2 shock: ‘Threw away three points’

On Wednesday the Derby d’Italia with Coppa Italia up for grabs

Today Napoli and Lazio take to the field

Mou Mayor of the Olimpico

The year of Jose, idol of Roma

He brought light back to the club, inspired the squad and seduced the fans

Only 7,000 tickets for the Final in Tirana, hunt is on

Lecce back in Serie A after two years

Cremonese also promoted, Alessandria relegated into Serie C

The 1-0 win over Pordenone brings the Pugliesi back among the stars: city celebrates

Perugia beat Berlusconi’s Monza: both are in the play-offs


Juve, you’ll run in the Coppa, right?

Bianconeri below par at Marassi

Dybala scores, then Genoa comeback in final minutes to keep safety hopes alive

This time Criscito doesn’t miss the penalty in stoppages

Milan anxiety: tomorrow the trip to Verona and there’s the Investcorp mystery

Lautaro record, Inter believe

‘Toro, do you want to be big?’

Napoli today, but Juric is asking questions about the future

‘At Superga I saw unity and ambition of the Granata fans, now the club must decide what path to take. Belotti, sign!’

Gallo opens the door: ‘Nothing is finalised’

Lecce and Cremonese celebrate Serie A!

Alessandria nightmare: Serie C

Monza beaten in Perugia, promotion must go through the play-offs

Grigi KO with Vicenza: Cosenza into the play-outs