Today’s Papers – Gasp test, the third Maldini starts for Milan

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Look who’s back
Milan-Napoli: Nord-South without breath. Tonali and Barella in charge of the overtaking

Arrigo enhances the fight for three: ‘Spalletti is doing well, but let’s see when there will be a problem. The Rossoneri are a European team. I expect more courage from the Nerazzurri.”

Milan: Pioli’s rotations. The third Maldini is ready and the return of Giroud

Inter: hunger and wickedness. Inzaghi wants the truth in the challenge with Gasp

What about Juve? Locatelli and Dybala for Allegri’s comeback

Mau against Mou. The derby of opposites on the bench

Corriere dello Sport

The game against Atalanta it’s the first Scudetto test
Inter, Gasp test
Simone launches Dzeko against Zapata who he wanted in Milan after Lukaku’s sale. Among the Rossoneri, Maldini Jr could start behind the Frenchman. Milan also on the pitch, Pioli recovers Giroud at La Spezia

Stronger than the third Sarri?
Napoli’s leadership in Serie A unleashes the fans’ enthusiasm and suggest an exciting comparison

Here’s the derby of the indifferent


Inter, trap for Gasp
Pioli launches Maldini
The Milanese sides aim to the top today. Inzaghi: ‘hunger and wickedness’ to beat Atalanta. Milan at La Spezia. The great news could be Maldini starting as trequartista

Juve, gamble on the No.10.
Leadership on the pitch and with a new deal. Capello, Barzagli, Zamparini and Sorrentino pick Dybala as the leader of the Bianconeri’s present and future. ‘He will guide the group.’

The fans at the feet of Juric
Intensity, developments, results and the clashes with Cairo: it’s Ivan-Mania