Today’s Papers – Finally some Joya, catch me if you can

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Catch me if you can

Superderby, the Milanese clubs divided by a point

Milan and Sheva!

Their dear friend and his Genoa on Pioli’s path

Kaladze: ‘Sorry Andriy, but I am cheering on the Rossoneri’

Inter, it’s a tango

Lautaro-Correa, Inzaghi continues squad rotation

The front two modified against Spezia

Juve, at least some Joya and the comeback begins

Argentine misses a penalty in Salerno

Change of system and return to victory: Dybala opens, Morata for 2-0

Elkann: ‘We will stay at the top. Trust in the magistrates’

Plusvalenze issue and inquest in Turin

Ibrahimovic’s secrets in new book: Adrenaline

‘I wanted to be like Maradona, but it all went wrong when they sacked Ancelotti’

Napoli, creativity takes command

Against Sassuolo it’s the game between sides who create the most

Spalletti on the attack with Mertens

Atalanta, Pasalic hat-trick

Gasp until 2024

Vlahovic super Viola

Miha-Mou, what a clash

Greta speaks: ‘I won’t forgive those who molested me’

Journalist who was sexually harassed

Corriere dello Sport

Paulo wakes Juve up

Allegri back to winning ways in Salerno (2-0), but fourth place remains seven points away

Dybala opens, Morata doubles

Max: Dealt with pressure well

Elkann: ‘We will collaborate with the magistrate, the club will remain big’

Argentine also misses a penalty in the final seconds

Atalanta flatten Venezia (4-0): Gasperini renews his contract to 2024

Nedved: ‘We never over-stretched ourselves’

Investigation accelerates

Plusvalenze, the FIGC studies reform

Milan and Inter, hunt for Napoli

Spalletti faces Sassuolo test with his +3 over Pioli to defend

The leaders get Politano back

Rossoneri struggling and try to get back on track against their ex Sheva’s Genoa

Inzaghi hosts Spezia and hopes for their rivals to slip up

CR7, the nightmare of coming second

Ire at golden Messi


Finally, some Joya

Dybala and Morata seal the victory in Salerno that gives Juve and little calm after recent disappointments

In stoppages the Argentine misses a penalty for 3-0

John: ‘Don’t touch Juve!’

Plusvalenze investigation: rumours on another five clubs involved, but Elkann defends the Bianconeri with pride

‘We’ve been close to this club for 100 years, we are great and will remain so, difficulties just make us stronger’

Milan and Inter against the exes Sheva and Motta

Napoli in Reggio

Atalanta 4-0

Pasalic 3!

Dea third and Gasp 2024

Croatian hat-trick against Venezia: Inter caught and coach extends

Toro emergency

Now Sanabria, then a striker in January

Confirmed: Juric wants reinforcements in attack

Belotti out until February