Today’s Papers – Fabulous Milan, all credit to the Diavolo

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Fabulous Milan

Scudetto conquered after 11 years

Triumph in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo and sprint finish won ahead of Inter

Incredible celebrations in Milan: today the champions will drive with open top bus up to the Duomo

The idol Pioli and the chant from the fans

Revenge for the coach

Maldini continues to win: ‘It’s a special DNA’

Paolo the symbol

Tricolore fireworks

Ibra: ‘If I feel good, I’ll keep going…’

Lifts the trophy with a cigar

Leao, Tonali and Maignan top of the class

Corriere dello Sport


The 3-0 result past Sassuolo completes the coup inspired by the Portuguese talent

Milan Champions of Italy after 11 years: it’s the 19th Scudetto

Pioli emotional at his first title as a coach: ‘Dad and Astori, it’s for you’

Ibra on the pitch with a cigar

Wild celebrations in Piazza Duomo


All credit to the Diavolo

After 11 years since their last triumph, Milan win the 19th Scudetto

Inter second amid applause and tears

Salernitana flattened, but Cagliari go into Serie B

Udinese run riot at the Stadio Arechi (4-0), but the Sardinians don’t go beyond 0-0 at Venezia and Nicola is safe

City comeback from 0-2 to 3-2

Guardiola takes the Premier League

Aston Villa overturned, futile Liverpool victory

Manchester City win their fourth title in five years

Juve summit, here are all the names

Allegri and directors draw up a list

Pogba is at the top, but Real and Zizou turn up

Toro: now Belotti is waiting for Juric

Today summit between Cairo and the coach

Gallo takes a few more days to decide, he wants to first understand the club’s plans

Madness in La Spezia, violence wins