Today’s Papers – Dzeko superpass, Messias miracle

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Champions League to shout about

Inter in the Round of 16 after 10 years: taboo is broken

Dzeko Superpass

Brace for the Bosnian and goodbye Shakhtar

It’s a siege on Real Madrid for first place

Inzaghi: ‘A weight off our shoulders

Messias miracle

Milan conquer Madrid and stay in the running

It’s all decided by the ex-delivery man

Debut with goal: Atletico beaten

Now to defeat Liverpool and…

Napoli, another KO

And Spalletti won’t shake hands with his rival

They lose 2-1 in Moscow: Euro risk

Diego, his memory between museums, statues and processions

A year on from his death

Lazio aim high

Roma, golden opportunity for Zaniolo

Sarri and Mou, top spot within sight

Corriere dello Sport

Inter liberation

Champions League, De Zerbi’s Shakhtar beaten with Dzeko brace (2-0)

Into the Round of 16 after 10 years, Inzaghi joy: ‘Great achievement’

Milan coup with Messias: 1-0 away to Atletico, Pioli can still hope

Nerazzurri dominate and thank Real

In Madrid, the Rossoneri change gear: last chance with Liverpool

Diego always with us

A year on from his death

Naples and Argentina pay tribute to the 10 who will never be forgotten

Napoli fall again, Spalletti is furious

KO in the Europa League

Beaten in Moscow, Luciano gets into a row with his rival coach

Today there’s Lazio


Everyone under the spotlight

Juve on trial after London mauling

On Saturday there’s Atalanta, here is the Bianconeri plan to recover lost ground in the league before the break

Dzegol, go Inter!

Messias, what a Milan!

Dzeko, set up by super Perisic, takes down Shakhtar (2-0): Champions League Round of 16 after 10 years

Madrid coup sealed by the Brazilian, Atletico KO (0-1): Rossoneri can hope

Napoli, KO and anger on Diego’s day

Spartak win 2-1, it gets tough to qualify

A year ago we lost Maradona: homages all over the world

Today Lazio in the Europa League

Toro renewal: Belotti is thinking about it

Juric, the fans: Gallo reflects

Meanwhile he puts Roma in his sights, tonight they are in the Conference League