Today’s Papers – Dybala deal, Juve plan for Vlahovic

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Dybala x 10 (million)

Captain renews, agreement with Juve until 2025

Bonuses are decisive, with which Paulo will reach double figures, becoming the highest-paid along with De Ligt

He prepares his return against Roma

Inter have Onana, Handa resists

Nerazzurri all change in goal and Sanchez moaning has him ready to say goodbye

Samir delays the handover

Ajax goalkeeper said yes, he will arrive for free, but in the summer

Lucca, the little giant: ‘I copy Ibra and am taller’

The Pisa hitman dreams big

Zanetti: ‘At Venezia talents found with algorithms’

Coach and project made in the USA

Milan ahead

Rossoneri more convincing performances

Napoli face Africa Cup of Nations mystery

Now for a repeat!

Italy, the champions and their good feet are back

Gigio’s appeal: ‘Don’t jeer me’

Nations League: tomorrow Spain at San Siro

Florence, racist abuse of Napoli’s three African players

Now police investigate

Federal court gets involved

Corriere dello Sport

The young leaders

Osimhen and Leao symbols of the new powerhouses

Exciting, strong, efficient: nobody like Napoli and Milan

Spalletti and Pioli’s teams have something more than their Scudetto rivals right now

We try to work out why

Lorenzo’s second life

From Roma to the Nations League Finals

Pellegrini as a striker is now a key figure for Mou

And tomorrow Mancini could launch him against Spain

Fiorentina rebel: lifetime ban against racists

Koulibaly controversy

Lega Serie A: Sarri is rude

President Dal Pino attacks the Lazio coach

Sparks fly between Maurizio and the institutions: ‘He talks about war, but in the Premier League he played even earlier than 60 hours after a game’

The new VAR room

Here they search for red cards and penalties

Ranieri resumes in England, two years with Watford


Vlahovic plan

Juve strategy is ready for the Serbian hitman, who is hesitating on a Fiorentina renewal

There are two options: Chiesa-style signing or including player exchanges

Ibra, big surprise party

His partner organised a bash for Zlatan’s 40th: Galliani, Moggi, Raiola and Pogba in attendance

‘Everyone with Koulibaly’

‘And don’t jeer me’

Tomorrow Donnarumma returns to San Siro: ‘It would really hurt to be insulted there’

Then anti-racism message: ‘It’s shameful that certain things still happen, players are against all forms of discrimination’

Toro: Juric asks for January reinforcements

Coach not wasting time and already thinking about the winter window to strengthen the squad