Today’s Papers – Di Maria here for Juve, De Ligt costs €100m

Gazzetta dello Sport

Di Maria, Juve here I am

The Argentine ace says yes

Impasse broken: agreement close, just need to define bonuses

Class and power for Allegri, useful for Vlahovic and the trident

Roma act tough with Zaniolo: there’s no gratitude

Controversy firing up the summer

Tommasi, what a goal

He wins the election in Verona and becomes Mayor

Ex-Romanista beats Sboarina

Milan: There’s the ok from Pioli for Asensio

Perfect man for Europe

Coach considers him a top player

Inter, Barella and the year he takes off: My World Cup is the Champions League

Nerazzurri star is untouchable

Gravina: ‘Euro 2032, youth academies and balance sheets, this is how I’ll get Calcio secure’

Interview with the FIGC President


Corriere dello Sport

Di Maria, here we go

Sudden turning point in negotiations, announcement expected within days

Argentine has chosen Juve, one-year contract for €7m

The world class star leaves Paris to join Allegri’s project

Contact with Zaniolo, split with Roma

Stop player

A team of champions all out of contract, but not everyone is wanted

Ronaldo, United-Chelsea poison

Mendes offers him to the Blues, strong reaction from Manchester

CR7 doesn’t want to be out of the Champions League

Red Devils furious: ‘He is not for sale, he’ll play for us’

Pre-season, from Monday it’s the big clubs

The longest season begins, vacation is over

Milan, Juve and Roma the first top clubs to start work

Serie A has already begun, Lecce training and from Friday in retreat



Di Maria, the announcement is imminent

‘De Ligt? €100m’

Chelsea insist, 10 agents and directors set the price-tag

‘He can be sold, but only for cash, like Zidane. Koulibaly the right replacement’

Serie A, -47

Guide to training retreats and friendlies

Today Origi, on Wednesday Lukaku

New Milan striker expected in town by tonight

Romelu on his way from Sardinia: it’s already a Belgian derby

Maggiore-Joao Pedro

Double Toro sprint

Talks accelerate with Spezia to avoid Viola overtake

Agreement reached with Cagliari

One Comment on “Today’s Papers – Di Maria here for Juve, De Ligt costs €100m”

  1. Again, IF Juve sell De Ligt, Bremer 50 mill? is the solution. He’s young and almost the same level. Then buy Nkunku 60 mill? too. Only sell De Ligt for north of 100 mill.

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