Today’s Papers – De Ketelaere at San Siro, Kostic straight in for Juve

Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan, my home

De Ketelaere discovering San Siro

We tell you all about Charles’ first day in the stadium of his future

Meanwhile, he is taking Italian lessons, touring Milan with his girlfriend Jozefien and tomorrow his mother will arrive too

Kluivert: ‘Dear Ibra, you are right to continue’

Advice from a great ex

Maldini: ‘Spezia, I won’t let you down with this surname’

Daniel, the son of a football generation, salutes the Rossoneri

Scudetto all about goals

Whoever scores can dream

Vlahovic-Lukaku the most eagerly-awaited clash

Juve, there’s Kostic straight away

Time needed for Depay

Studying alternatives upfront: no to Icardi

Lautaro, after the tears now he wants revenge: there’s only Inter for me

A year under the sign of the Toro

Gattuso growls: ‘Valencia relight my fire, you’ll see’

Today LaLiga begins

Corriere dello Sport

‘We’ll referee in the English style’

Season kicks off tomorrow, Doveri explains the new rules

‘We will distinguish a foul from mere contact, but players must play fair’

‘We’ll be more severe with protests from the bench. Offside on deflections will change. VAR on demand? Curious to see if it would reduce the controversy. Yes to effective playing time’

Juve, Kostic is in a hurry

Allegri wants him on the pitch

Winger in Turin, hunt for Paredes and Depay

Napoli double up, they block Simeone and wait for Raspadori

Agreement for Cholito, Aurelio De Laurentiis just needs to sign

He keeps negotiating with Sassuolo

Parma-Bari, direction Serie A

Serie B kicks off and promises entertainment

Buffon skips the opener: he is not in top shape

Vazquez with Inglese, Pugliesi call on Cheddira and Antenucci


Kostic only has eyes for Juve

Serbian in Turin since yesterday: before the medical he spoke with Allegri, who will already use him against Sassuolo

He’ll wear the Number 17 shirt

With him there are two Juventus shapes: 4-3-3 and 3-5-2

Pellegrini on a dry loan to Eintracht

Depay, steps forward

Rabiot, United in Turin!

Vlasic: ‘I will give everything here’

Miranchuk: ‘Toro, I am ready’

Trequartista puts himself forward to play against Monza: Juric is tempted

Offer for Schuurs raised to €13m, Ajax thinking about it

Interview with Pecci: ‘Ilkhan a great signing, this is the right path’

Work started at the Robaldo

Monza, assist from PSG

Now Icardi is out of the squad

Berlusconi final coup takes shape

In Paris the risk of playing in the reserve team for the amateur league

Galliani is ready to swoop in

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