Gazzetta dello Sport

The first or the last Coppa Italia

Gasp and Max play the Coppa Italia

Atalanta-Juve: At the Olimpico, Gasperini in search of the trophy he’s missing, Allegri can say goodbye to the Bianconeri with a triumph

The Goddess are favourites, Old Lady with pride

National team (almost) done

One month to their debut at the European Championship

From Barella to Scamacca, 23 are already safe, eight in the run-off

Conte, the Napoli plan

The coaches market

A new attempt by De Laurentiis, here’s the super bonus

Inter: Gudmundsson, there’s an offer

How to get to the €35m requested by Genoa

Corriere dello Sport

The Farewell Cup

Gasp is also looking for answers about his future, beyond his first title

Atalanta-Juve could be Allegri’s last Bianconeri final (9.00pm Coppa Italia)

Max: ‘They consider us underdogs, but everything can be reversed’

Gian Piero: ‘We are incredible’

The surprise is Nicolussi Caviglia, Lookman close to De Ketelaere

Napoli, Conte tries to overtake

He met the club: they negotiate

DeLa is tempted: salary to be defined, but Gasperini remains the Azzurri’s priority

Roma grows: freer market

Increasing revenues: fewer UEFA obligations

Lina who knows how to do the math

In June they will no longer be ‘condemned’ to make capital gains of €40m

Zaniolo, no European Championship

Microfracture on the foot: he will be out for a month

Spalletti loses Aston Villa winger

‘The group is already 70-80% done, I want to see an Italy that are proud of the Azzurri’

At the beginning of the week the 30 people called up for the meeting

The turning point comes for non-EU citizens: the rule changes

The clubs will be able to register two new players without selling anyone


Juve, can you be a Goddess?

Rome, 9pm, Coppa Italia final

Allegri’s team, in a crisis of play and results, challenges Gasperini’s always beautiful Atalanta

Inzaghi becomes a child again and opens up: ‘Never in difficulty like with dad’

Toro also have to beat themselves

To still dream of the Europa League

Haaland ruthless City, it’s almost done

Tottenham makes a mistake, the Norwegian does not

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