Today’s Papers – Conte hits back, Exciting Italy

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Conte’s word

Between Nazionale and Inter

The ex-CT and Nerazzurri coach launches Italy towards the Euros

He explains his farewell, choices and projects

Mancini a guarantee: ‘He built a great group, we can believe’

Zhang’s phrases: ‘Different ideas? My project never changed’

Thank you from the fans: ‘They know what I brought. I don’t stress teams, I help them to win’

Away with the new Ba-Lo

Barella-Locatelli youngsters in charge

The pair of midfielders could prove decisive

Mancio plays at home

We discover how he became Roman

A stronger bond with the city

Calhanoglu in charge, Yilmaz on the counter

Watch out for Turkey

Juve, yes for the next Champions League

Superleague chaos: there won’t be exclusion from the competition for 2021-22

UEFA suspended proceedings against the Bianconeri, Real and Barcelona

Forward with the loans, Milan can keep Brahim Diaz and Dalot

Sarri fires Lazio up

Mou designs Roma

The derby has already begun

Corriere dello Sport


Tomorrow the Euros debut: Azzurri take on Turkey

Passion, energy, desire to make an impact: it’s an exciting Italy

Mancini the guarantee for a group that is now seeking success on the international level

Winning example set by Emerson and Jorginho

The price for Conte (and Allegri)

Sky move: 500m to DAZN for Serie A on the satellite!

Raggi: Rome reopens and relaunches the country

Mayor of the Capital speaks

Sarri-Lazio, the smoke signal arrives

Lazio, long negotiations conclude with an announcement

The coach has signed a two-year deal worth 3.3m plus bonuses

Fans enthusiastic

Lotito: ‘In line with our ambitions’

Superleague, UEFA suspend proceedings against Juve, Real and Barca


Juve, the Cup is safe!

Superleague, UEFA disciplinary commission suspend proceedings against the Bianconeri, Real Madrid and Barcelona

Participation for the next Champions League is guaranteed

Meanwhile Pogba back to sending messages

Danielle launches the Azzurri

Italian shot-putter star of RAI’s European Nights: ‘I vote Ciro and Insigne’

Szczesny understudy

Allegri thinks of Sirigu!

As well as Belotti, there’s another Toro player on the list of Max’s reinforcements

Padova-Alessandria, what a duel for Serie B!

Avellino and Albinoleffe out

PSG offer the Argentine plus money

Paredes for Hakimi