Today’s Papers – Christmas gifts for Juventus, Milan need presents too

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan need gifts

Ibra not enough: now reinforcements to take flight

Our 10 experts agree: ‘They need another striker and a defender for the Scudetto’

Objective is Brazilian forward Luiz Henrique

Juve, first place is served

Zenit stop Chelsea, Allegri squeezes through: ‘We missed too many goals’

Champions League: Kean beats Malmo, Bianconeri thank the Russians and win the group

Snowstorm in Bergamo, Atalanta postponed

Mou, you’re not yourself anymore

No decent football, too many words

Roma ask for a turning point

Spalletti is in or out: Leicester missing seven with COVID

Sarri for top spot, there’s Galatasaray

Barella recharge

Inter fine him for Madrid dismissal and want Nandez as an understudy

Midfielder needs to be rested occasionally

Ferrero from prison: ‘Don’t worry, I’m fine’

He won’t speak to the investigators

Corriere dello Sport

Allegri, it’s Christmas!

Malmo beaten (1-0), but what a gift from Zenit: Chelsea held (3-3)

Juve end the group in first place, Blues caught at the 94th

Snowstorm hits Bergamo, Atalanta-Villarreal postponed to today

Kean goal proved decisive, his first for the Bianconeri in the Champions League

Barcelona KO: they are relegated into the Europa League

‘A Napoli with soul’

Spalletti plays for qualification with Leicester

Osimhen is back: first run

Lazio face Galatasaray with Ciro

Roma, Mou begins again: ‘I want the Conference’

Pablito, as sweet as a goal

A year ago we said goodbye to Rossi: beyond memories


Kean and Zenit

Gifts for Juve

Striker decides the match with Malmo (1-0)

Russians equalise in stoppages with Chelsea (3-3)

Bianconeri finish the group in first place and will avoid most of the big clubs in Monday’s draw

Atalanta-Villarreal will be played today

Snowstorm forced a postponement

Marino, Dea director general: ‘We could not guarantee the players would be safe in those conditions’

Toro, the turning point that won’t arrive

Cairo, Juric needs you now

From the transfer market to infrastructure, from scouting to organisation: the President is at a crossroads

Europa and Conference League

Napoli, Lazio, Roma, mission Round of 16

Against Leicester, Galatasaray and CSKA Sofia they need three points to try and avoid the play-offs