Three reasons why Milan are better off without Dybala

Milan have recently been linked with a move for the much-coveted Paulo Dybala, but there’s a few reasons why they shouldn’t push to sign the Argentine this summer.

This summer transfer window is incredibly important for the Rossoneri following their Scudetto in the season just gone, as now the club are looking to confirm their return to the top. The sale of club from Elliott Management to RedBird Capital means the strategy for the next few months are still incredibly unclear and the Dybala reports have only complicated things further.

Recent reports from Italy suggest that representatives from Elliott have contacted Dybala’s entourage to explore a possible move, something that they’re within their right to do as the deal with RedBird won’t be closed until September. Signing the Argentinian forward would be a risk, however, and there’s a number of reasons why they should avoid a deal.

1 – The financial cost

Picking up Dybala wouldn’t be a cheap affair; he is reportedly requesting a wage of around €7-8m and a deal would also be accompanied by agent fees and a signing bonus. It’s unclear how much Elliott will invest this summer (between €50m and €60m according to multiple reports), so using a significant amount of resources on Dybala could leave them with insufficient funds for other key targets, like Paolo Maldini’s favourite Sven Botman who is valued at €30m.

2 – The physical cost

It’s no secret that the 28-year-old Argentinian forward is a little injury prone. In the season just gone, Dybala missed 11 games for Juventus through injury and the season prior he missed 21. Muscle problems are clearly a recurring issue for the 28-year-old and this would make his hefty salary hurt even more.

3 – The Maldini cost

Before Milan’s recent takeover, key director Paolo Maldini underlined his expectation for more decision-making power and resources to play with, so the fact that an Elliott representative is the one pursuing the Dybala deal means the club legend is being left sidelined, removing his ability to push for his targets like Botman. Continuing to fight for Dybala seems like it would guarantee his departure, which would be a mistake for the Rossoneri.

8 Comments on “Three reasons why Milan are better off without Dybala”

  1. really, why we have to bother with dybala, if cardinale want to boost our attack, maldini want to boost defence, then pioli need midfielder why not just sign pogba. he free right now. just do your best to get him then all is good.

  2. I disagree. Dybala from a technical & intellect perspective on the pitch, outstanding. If Milan can grab him…do it.

  3. Completely wrong. Signing Dybala would represent a coup both on and off the pitch. He would be a true blue ribbon marquee signing to show that Milan mean business for the first time since the summer when Milan signed Ibra, Robinho etc. He is exactly the type of player Milan need.

  4. Milan cannot afford his wages plain and simple. That is why they should have gone with the oil. First Yonghong Li, to Elliott now another US company. They never spend any money and ruin clubs. Ask the Glazers, Arsenal and Roma.

  5. Look, I’d love for Milan to sign their young targets, but if they don’t have the money then there’s no choice. Have to plug the gaps somehow, and you won’t find better than Dybala on the market. While he earns twice on wages than a younger player he doesn’t command any transfer fee.

    So I disagree with the article, but not at the cost of losing Maldini. I trust him completely. If he doesn’t want him then I don’t want him.

  6. It would be great for Juve if this happened. Milan waste their funds on an injury prone player, and Juve dont have to see a former player wearing the Inter shirt

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