Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli told the FIGC Prosecutor he was ‘threatened’ by managers of illegal betting platforms, so he had to borrow money from two teammates and pressure was so high in April that he broke into tears after being subbed off against Sassuolo.

Fagioli has been banned for seven months by the FIGC Prosecutor in a betting investigation which still involves Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo.

Fagioli self-reported to the FIGC Prosecutor after being put under investigation by the Turin Prosecutor earlier this year. He said all he knew about the case and is getting treatment for his gambling addiction.

Tuttosport and La Gazzetta dello Sport have published the documents of Fagioli’s interrogation from the FIGC Prosecutor.

Fagioli said he had been threatened by owners of illegal betting platforms to whom he owed money and that pressure on him continued growing over the last few months.

Fagioli said Newcastle midfielder Tonali suggested an app to place bets on illegal online platforms.

“At night, I had stopped sleeping. The more time passed, the more debts haunted me. My debts kept increasing and I was gambling just to try to make up,” said Fagioli.

“They told me ‘We’ll break your legs.’ I had so much debt that even if I had won, I would get nothing out of it.

Fagioli insisted he never gambled on Cremonese and Juventus, the only two clubs of his career.

“Juventus have been warning us since the youth sector that we footballers should have not placed any bets, whether using legal or illegal platforms. I gambled on national and international matches but never on Cremonese or Juventus.

“I used to gamble on games that were underway,” he continued revealing that he once placed a live bet on TorinoMilan. “I gambled on Milan’s win that time but lost because Torino won 2-1.” Fagioli also gambled on Champions League games like Porto-Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid-Inter.

“I had accumulated a debt of €250,000 in September 2022 and pressure from managers of illegal platforms started. Sometimes, I would cover part of the debt by going to Milan and buying luxury watches. I paid with a bank transfer. Sometimes I delivered the watches myself, other times, the platforms’ owners picked them up at the jewellery shop.

“After September 2022, I started gambling compulsively in front of the TV on any sporting event I watched, including football, Serie B and Lega Pro. I can’t even remember how many events I placed bets on. I’ve never spoken about gambling with directors, footballers or people under contract at Juventus because I trusted nobody.

“I borrowed money from some of my teammates, saying I wanted to buy a watch for my mum. [Federico] Gatti gave me €40,000 and I still have to return it. [Radu] Dragusin [now at Genoa] also gave me money and some of my friends in Piacenza too. Still €40,000, through bank transfers.

“I want to clarify that my friends and teammates did not know the reason why I borrowed the money.” Gatti and Dragusin are not involved in the investigation.

“The worst moment was between April and March 2023, when I was so scared that I made a mistake during Sassuolo-Juventus and I was subbed off. I started crying when I sat on the bench, thinking about my debts and betting problems.”

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  1. Disgusting no sympathy ban him for 2 years along with tonali they earn millions greedy players tardelli baggio etc never do that

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