The Italian word Conte told Tuchel during Chelsea-Tottenham touchline row

Antonio Conte warned Thomas Tuchel to let go of his hand using an Italian word, but both coaches played down the controversy when talking to the media yesterday.

Conte and Tuchel were sent off following two different clashes during and after Chelsea-Tottenham yesterday.

It all started when the Italian tactician celebrated Spurs’ equaliser too close to Chelsea’s bench, causing Tuchel’s reaction (VIDEO).

The second incident saw both coaches sent off. The German boss refused to let go of Conte’s arm, prompting an angry response from the Italian. (VIDEO)

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tuchel told Conte: ‘Look at me in the eyes,’ while the ex-Inter and Juventus boss warned him to let go of his hand.

As you can see in the video below, Conte literally said in Italian: ‘Molla, Molla,’ which means ‘let it go’ in English.

However, despite the tension on the pitch, both coaches played down the controversy when talking to the media after the final whistle.

“We fought for our teams and it happens. It’s so close here and it was such an intense match,” Conte said at a press conference, as quoted by the London Evening Standard.

“Both dugouts are very close so it got a bit heated from both of us. Yes [I enjoyed it] and I think he enjoyed it as well. It was nothing bad.”

“I thought when you shake hands you look in each other eyes, Antonio had a different opinion,” the Blues boss told Sky Sports UK.

“It was emotional, he was happy when he equalised – I then got a bit heated but nothing big. It was not necessary but a lot of things were not necessary.

“It’s Premier League football and the two managers got involved today because both of us were fighting for our teams,” he added in a postmatch presser.

“That was it, nobody got insulted, nobody got hurt, we didn’t have a fist fight or something.

“For me, it’s not a big deal. It was part of it today and it boiled of course and it featured us. I don’t have any bad feeling and I’m sure he will not have.”

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