Tension between PSG and unhappy Donnarumma: Raiola the only winner

by | Nov 18, 2021 08:58

La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that there’s tension between Gigio Donnarumma and PSG and, for now, Mino Raiola is the ‘only winner’ in the goalkeeper’s move to Paris.

The 22-year-old joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free transfer from Milan in the summer.

However, he is not a regular starter at the Parc des Princes.

The former Milan star has only played seven games across all competitions and has recently claimed that the rivalry with Keylor Navas ‘disturbs’ him.

Donnarumma on rivalry with Navas: ‘It disturbs me’

“It has no effect on my performances, but it ‘disturbs’ me,” Donnarumma told TNT Sport last week.

“It’s not easy, because I was used to always starting and sometimes it hurts to be on the bench.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport analysed Donnarumma’s first months in Paris, pointing out how his agent Mino Raiola, for now, is the only winner in the deal that saw Gigio move from Milan to Paris after the Euros.

Tension at PSG: Donnarumma doesn’t start because of Messi?

According to the report, there’s tension between the player and PSG as Donnarumma expected to be a regular starter.

He decided to start from scratch in Paris, but he is not happy about the situation he is living in Paris, also considering that Keylor is backed by a big part of the dressing room, especially the South Americans and Sergio Ramos.

epa09509961 Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma walks off the pitch after Spain won the UEFA Nations League semi final soccer match between Italy and Spain in Milan, Italy, 06 October 2021. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI


  1. Mad


  2. Romanzo1897

    Quelle surprise! 😉

  3. Mr Lazio

    Got Juve all over it this! Loan for two years then back to Paris

  4. Imrana mk

    The goal against the Swiss reminds me of loris karius

  5. Dollarruma

    Mendes is the best agent he think about the development of player not only financial factors. For dollaruma…you get waht you deserve

  6. Milan Fan

    No effect on your performances? lol There’s at least one nightmarish howler every Azzurri game since he moved to PSG.

    You reap what you sow.

  7. RossoNero83

    Unlucky! You made your bed now lie in it

  8. Peter

    Will all these armchair critics please give the guy a break. He is only 22, and is allowed an error of judgment at such a tender age. Why not blame Pochettino, overrated and worshipped by the British press, for undermining his confidence.

  9. Stan

    It makes me angry whenever I read report that he’s on the bench because the south American players support Keylor Navas… NAVAS is a goal keeper with so much experience, a goal keeper who has won everything!! If he was an English player or Italian, he would have already been placed on the same level as Buffon.. He is by far a bigger goal keeper to Donnarumma and he’s starting because he deserves it not because of Messi…
    It will take a stupid coach under pressure to play Him ahead of Keylor

  10. Ralph

    @ Peter, so because Navas is 33/34 he should automatically sit on the bench for a 22 years old? Unlike outfield players , the older they get the better they become I mean the goalkeepers , with more the experience the more dependable they become, so Donaruma should wait for his time.

  11. frankie

    Stan, please don’t compare Navas to Buffon. There’s no comparison my friend.

  12. lulzim

    This is when you focus on Money instead of your career.

  13. Peter

    @ralph no I didn’t say that. If Pochettino was half the coach the UK media seem to think, he would have anticipated this problem.

  14. The Queens Half Corgi

    This has an effect for Italy.

    Just yesterday in a podcast I listened to, Casey Keller (ex-USA and played all over Europe) was asked about Zack Steffan’s lack of playing time for Man City and if it can have an effect on his performance.

    He said GK have to be playing every week and while it may not effect his show-stopping it effects his decision making (ie; when to come out).

    This is real bad for Italy. Naive kid. He needs to get a loan as soon as possible.

  15. Kam

    I guess Dollarumma should of looked into the situation himself and not just listened to Raiola. He’ll eventually start but otherwise off to Jube or maybe a mid-table EPL club.
    As for Milan, we’re fine with Mike.

  16. jULIAN

    let’s make an autobiography called “Donnaruma and his naivety”

  17. Peregrin Philipp

    Thankfully magic Mike proved to be a fantastic replacement

  18. Ugo

    I think the media is blowing things a little out of proportion to get clicks. As a Milan fan, I don’t care what happens to Dollarumma. Nobody forced him to go to PSG and he’s delusional to think he would stroll into PSG and bench their 1st choice gk who is also a fantastic goalkeeper

  19. TONINO

    I am afraid he has done himself an howler. He was adored at Milan and they also offered him a very good deal but he listened to Raiola and I am afraid the Milan supporters on this are right not to have any sympathy. He should apply to go on loan and the quicker he does, the better is for him and La Nazionale. If he continues not to play, then Mancio should pick a goal-keeper that does like Cragno. We cannot afford mistakes like the one against Spain and Switzerland. The Swiss goal should have been saved. He tried to get it with his left instead of his right hand. By the way, this is not to justify the draw, it is just for his sake. If he was playing regularly, then the chances are he would have saved it. Please Mancio, pick who is playing and not just just loyalty.

  20. Troja

    You deserve you idiot
    You where king of the kings
    Low life. You and your family

  21. Vero Rossonero

    Sadly (for us Milan fans), I think the ultimate winner here will be Juventus. I think that Donnarumma, despite his unhappiness, will deal with this for this season. But if next season is like this he may force a move and by that time Szczesny will be in his last contract year. I’m not happy that Donnarumma left, but I was relieved it wasn’t to Rube. Now that’s still a possibility. I hope that if he does leave PSG it will to the EPL.

  22. Johnny

    For a player new player to break into a starting 11 at a new club is not easy, its even harder for a new keeper to bench a club’s number goalie. Dollaruma wasn’t thinking, greed and inordinate esteem is his own undoing.

  23. 1mikej

    This stinks of Riola engineering him a loan move to juventus, kick up a fuss make it know that your unhappy, make it known you are not settling in paris, hey guess what juventus will take you on loan this way they dont have to pay another transfer fee and will even try and get half his wages paid by p$g, disgraceful

  24. SL

    Cut the whining, ‘it disturbs me’, ‘ it hurts to be on the bench’.
    Is anyone advising him that he sounds like a selfish spoiled baby!

  25. The Queens Half Corgi

    The thing is, he has to be in goal for us in March as one or both of these matches could go to PK’s.

    Not that Cragno, Sirigu, or Meret (he’s 2nd choice as well) can’t save a couple but with Gigio, the team will feel more confident if it came down to that. Could even play on the other teams mind.

  26. Dazziano

    Lol tough luck Gigio. You had a good thing at Milan and even if you were in the PSG team I still think you lose. I wouldn’t swap our entire squad for there’s. The modern AC milan is young and plays great football. PSG just seem to be a bunch of overpayed prima Donna’s who’s football is average at best. Apart from Mbappe I wouldn’t swap any of ours for them. Nice 1 Donnaruma. I hope you are miserable you Fool.

  27. Dazziano Colucci

    BTW Stan sorry m8 but your as delusional as Dollaruma comparing Navas with Buffon. Like comparing an Audi with a Ferrari.

  28. Joe

    Come back to Milan!!! If Maignan and Taturusano get injured at the same time then you will be starting again, at least temporarily!!!

  29. Ranajaya

    “Gigio move from Milan to Paris after the Euros” really has ambiguous meaning

  30. Ardhi

    As a milan fan, I feel sorry for him but he got what he deserved. He’s naive? No, he’s 22 year old already and he’s just stupid for letting raiola took control of his career.

  31. The Queens Half Corgi

    Sure he is. Either that or stupid.

    Why would he think he would usurp the incumbent, Keylor Navas, and be shocked about it?

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