Tension at PSG: Donnarumma doesn’t start because of Messi?

by | Sep 24, 2021 12:44

Gigio Donnarumma is reportedly unhappy at PSG and according to Il Corriere della Sera one of the reasons he doesn’t start is because Leo Messi backs Keylor Navas.

Donnarumma joined PSG on a free transfer from Milan in the summer.

His contract with Milan expired in June 2022, so the goalkeeper reached an agreement with the Ligue 1 giants during the Euros, and PSG announced his signing after the competition won by the Azzurri.

Donnarumma was named Player of the Tournament after saving decisive penalty kicks against Spain and England, but according to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Corriere della Sera, he expected to get more playing time in Paris.

The former Milan star has only played two of PSG’s nine games this season and Mauricio Pochettino has explained that his decisions over the starting goalkeeper change every week depending on PSG’s opponents.

Il Corriere della Sera describes the former Tottenham coach as an ‘equilibrist’ who must base his choices also on the dressing room’s needs and desires.

Donnarumma unhappy at PSG: Juventus change their mind?

The group of South American players, which include Leo Messi, Angel Di Maria, Keylor Navas, Marquinhos and Neymar, is very much united and reportedly backs the former Real Madrid shot-stopper. According to the paper, this is one of the reasons why Donnarumma doesn’t get regular playing time at PSG.

Pochettino has already had arguments with Messi, so he doesn’t want to complicate the situation. However, according to the same report, Donnrumma is reportedly unhappy in Paris and Juventus could decide to bring him to Turin in the summer.



  1. Joe

    Again……why did he leave Milan?

  2. Basta Poco

    Well what did Primadonnarumma think was going to happen, that he’d waltz in & get to play? He’s an expensive benchwarmer now. He wanted money, got it. He wanted out of Milan (apparently), got it. Any now he’s unhappy?! Too friggin’ bad! He made this bed, now he has to lie in it until his minion agent gets him out.

  3. Nick

    Bang on @Basta Poco!

    There’ll be only 1 winner if Mino goes to war with “the State”.

  4. Donato Totaro

    Probably want Mino wanted, this way he gets to “negotiate” a move to another team and make another truckload of commission for all that “work” he is doing. Damn that guy knows how to play a room.

  5. Michael

    It really is silly. Goalkeepers aren’t rotated in the same way other players might be, as there is no physical need to rest them. So either he proves he’s better than Navas and becomes the 1st choice keeper, or he stays on the bench.

    If Juve come knocking and want to pay some silly fee to buy him from PSG, when they could have got him for free this summer, that’s their (dumb) business.

  6. Mjunaedi521

    Is this what he wants to look for , isn’t it?

  7. Vogel

    I said it yesterday I knew he would end up at Juve.

    I just hope he spends 6 years at Juve getting beaten while Milan win CL! (I know it’s not gonna happen, but would make me happy if it did!)

    Karma exists.

  8. Karim

    Mina the bum Raioloo or whatever his name is, super agent mr.comission cant even get a contract to ensure his client is happy. Enough with the hurt feelings milan fans, hes the best we (azzurri) got and he needs to play. He is better than Navas at this point no question. This is politics and its BS. Poor guy. Messi has done this before, hello Icardi etc…

  9. serie a LOVER

    juve really couldnt afford donurrumma at the time. they had ronaldo salary still on the books. allegri backed szczcesny and that has proven to be a mistake. if juve qualifies for the c.league i think they will try to take donurumma in january. it would be a cost but juve could have a world class keeper for the next decade. juve would have enough time to work on getting rid of szczesny.

  10. Benedict Bab

    What none sense!
    Should you Blame messi for everything?
    Doesn’t the coach have the final decision?

  11. riz

    Forget it Juventus cannot afford him and Donnarumma will not take a pay cut. A bigger club from PL will come in for him if he was to leave. If he were heading back to Italy Inter would be the best solution as thier keeper is getting older and they have a better project in place. Getting rid of Szczcesny will be problematic as he earns 7.5 mil and is 31. More importantly no big club would take him having seen him perform circus acts for both club and country. This is not a one off as he has been honing his juggling skills at that academy for boys called Arsenal.

  12. serie a LOVER

    riz you are forgetting one crucial piece of information in your stating that juve cant afford donurrumma. you are forgetting that juve has just cleared ronaldo’s 31 mil salary off the books. thats a big deal. it is very possibly now for juve to take donurumma now regardless of what szczesny does. it quite possible that they try take donurruma in january on loan

  13. Acemilan

    The path Dollarumma is following is far more interesting that his play , that is just sad and speaks to what football has become .
    I wouldn’t count out PL clubs chasing him , and yes all plays into Mino’s hand and chance to make more money , while of course he is looking out for the players . lol !
    Juve recorded a loss of over 200 mil last year , not sure how they could add a transfer and Gigio’s salary and fit FFP? I could be wrong as I haven’t studied their books , I know that have the money . A loan with option to buy is more plausible at this point .
    Operators like PSG , Mino , and a couple of EPL clubs have screwed up football .
    Really PSG are a joke , they are a plastic club period .

  14. Michael Anthony Sorrentino

    Not sure why Gianluigi went to League 1…snore. PSG now the “dream team”. They have barely any competition domestically. PSG have lots of great players now on the bench paying them good money too. Lets see how they do in the Champions League?….Now days not much competition besides The Premiership and Serie A. They will pee off young Gianluigi if they carry on in this manner..thats ok. His next direction is Juve, now in a bit of a mess… but the blue print for the World Cup Nazionale. Allegri will be gone by Christmas.

  15. Joe del Monte

    Very strange that he went to PSG. Why would you want to sit on the bench? Now he is Italy’s #1 goalie with no playing time. What a waist of time.

  16. Karim

    @benedict bab – Messi could have poch fired at the drop of hat guaranteed.

  17. DB Milan

    Milan have a terrible habit of letting players go only for them to strengthen rivals sooner or later. Look at Locatelli. That said, I doubt Juve can afford Donnarumma.

  18. Soul

    Trusting his agent blindly

  19. JeZ

    Well said Basta Poco.
    I do believe if had a deferent agent instead of that dumpy sausage he would still be at Milan.
    The move, taking away the financial element made absolutely no sense as Milan are in the Champions League. I understand the glittering lights of playing along side so great players but what really was he expecting.
    This move has set Donna back and risks Azzurri form in the process. Can Mancini justify potentially starting him with only 1 or 2 games to his name thus far?!?
    It was a terrible move and i hope he returns to Italy fast.

  20. Jes

    It is also a masterful piece of business from the Arab owned PSG. Having seen the way this has played out it would seem that the free transfer was completed with this very plan in mind.
    They clearly had no intention of playing him in any meaningful games, therefore frustrating him and the world seeing a top keeper sat out would bring potential monwy offers in. Riola knew Juve couldn’t afford Donna now and had to unload Ronaldo first. Now thats happened along with the free transfer it is almost certain that Juve will take him in the summer and pay some ridiculous amount for him. Its the world of Riola and football

  21. Ndiro

    Gigio got it all wrong. He never thought 💭 outside the box of his agent. Look at the age of Navas, and he can still perform at the highest levels, which means he’s capable of doing it for few years to come. Who’s losing it? Obviously it the son of Azzurri….

  22. Dazz

    Loving the comments section….should’ve stayed at Milan, his own undoing. Chasing the money and half of that blame lies in that trouble maker agent of his.

  23. Shane Mac Aodha

    Thing is he wasn’t free. Didnt have to pay Milan but had to pay the agent 30 million. Pity the idiots in PSG forked out that money for a player they didn’t need because he might have had to back track then.

  24. Mauro

    I have little sympathy with Donnarumma, he has always been about the money, now he has the money it’s about the football. I am angry though that a world class keeper is bench warming because he chased the money. It means other than training he is going to be less match fit for La Nazionale.

  25. Xhevahir

    Imagine if he ends up back at AC Milan on Loan

  26. Spragga75

    Since when Navas is a South American. Poor Messi, blamed for every bad decision at barcelona and now it’s the same thing already at PSG. RIDICULOUS. Nonsensical article.

  27. Santino

    This is not possible. It’s just mere rumor and serious propaganda probably from the rivals with the aim of throwing the team off balance.
    What concerns Messi with who plays and who doesn’t ?
    He suffered same rumor at Barca and it’s too bad d press has to say nonsense sometimes to sell. Too bad.

  28. Steve Muli

    How I feel sorry for this man donnarumma, the Italy’s no. one shot stopper, now warming the PSG’s bench.
    Then, here comes the did he miscalculate going to PSG? Or, whose mistake was it?

  29. Steve Muli

    How i feel sorry for this man, donnarumma, the Italy’s no. one shot stopper, nowwl warming the PSG’s bench.
    Then here comes the question did he miscalculate going to PSG or whose mistakake was it?

  30. Assed Mgomba

    I once said that Donnarumma made a wrong decision, put money aside, but he could have thought of his career, he is young but felt has reached the maximum that couldn’t have been controlled.

    At Juve was assured of first choice goalkeeper, the Buffon achieved alot due to their patience and focus.

    It’s not too late, Juve could be his best destination, if Juve could take Donnarumma, Paul Pobga & Zaniolo or Barrela, then it’s a complete team.

  31. Ales

    Of course Messi to blame for everything. So pathetic …:/

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