Tense relationship between Maldini and Elliott helped Newcastle sign Botman

epa08844150 AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini before the UEFA Europa League soccer match between Lille OSC and AC Milan in Lille, France, 26 November 2020. EPA-EFE/Denis Charlet / POOL

According to La Repubblica newspaper, Elliott and Paolo Maldini continue having different views on Milan‘s future and their tense relationship helped Newcastle sign Sven Botman.

Elliott sold the club to RedBird Capital Partners only a few weeks ago, but the closing won’t be until September and, until then, Elliott and Ivan Gazidis will remain in charge giving the green light to any potential signing and negotiation led by Maldini and Ricky Massara.

Trouble is, Maldini and Elliott have different views of the club’s development. Former club owners still want to invest in young and promising players, while Maldini believes that the Rossoneri need more firepower to compete with the top European clubs and remain among the top four in Serie A permanently.

The Botman deal offers an example of their different views. Maldini was ready to sign the centre-back for €30m, but Elliott didn’t want to invest as much in a central defender, and would rather strengthen the team in attack. The Netherlands international waited for Milan for several weeks but eventually accepted Newcastle’s offer.

Milan fans fear the same will happen with Renato Sanches, who has agreed personal terms with the Rossoneri. However, Elliott are unwilling to match PSG’s €30m offer, so the Portugal international could eventually move to Paris.

Repubblica newspaper describes Milanello as a ‘house divided’ where Maldini and Elliott have different views on the club’s future.

The contract of the legendary defender runs out at the end of the month, but ‘although several sources confirm Maldini will eventually commit his future to Milan, the signature is postponed day by day,’ read the report.

Gerry Cardinale bought the club less than a month ago, but is currently in the USA to raise funds to complete the takeover. According to the report, he’ll need circa €300-400m, otherwise, Elliott will lend the money, remaining at the helm for a few more years.

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  1. So lighting strikes twice. When Berlusconi sold to the con man, he never had a dime and no Cardinale has to raise the money. If Elliott remains for a few years, it is not the end of the world, but ambitions will be curbed. Milan have avoided oil money a few times but have gone with these woke American corporations. Good job.

  2. Should of just sold to investcorp we wouldn’t have this problem! Redbird don’t have money it’s a joke! They just kept it American makes me sick

  3. Erm I agree with Elliott…..we shouldn’t have spent whatever amount on a CB when we need a CM, AM and RW.

  4. ACM never spent much, neithet did we do much scounting. What made us succesful was the development of our own products in Milanelo, including Paolo, which we then kept for life.

    That’s what must be done now, with Paolo as the frontman. He needs to get over the budget thing.

    I like the tight Elliot budget and the way they run things, considering we had spent 500 M over the last decade and won one title.

  5. Maldini WILL walk away if he doesn’t get to make his decisions. Gazidis needs to go and Elliot need to take a backseat.

  6. Why would Maldini suddenly change strategy and want to splash out big money? And when we have been doing exceptionally in the market in recent years, spending small amounts on young players. Looks like another BS story to me.

    These nonsense stories causing fans to over react too. I mean, we lost out on Botman. So what? Maybe Renato Sanches too. Again, so what? It’s not Baresi and Albertini. Maldini et al know what they are doing.

  7. Problem here is that not Botman, not Sanches worth 40 or 30m. One is a young prospect in a small club, and the other is a known guy, with a good history of injuries and inconsistency in his last year of contract. I think a fair price for Botman was in the region of 20-25m, and no more than 20m for Sanches. If big players want to spend more money on them so be it.

    I have a gut feeling that Maldini will quit, if not now, at the end of the season, no matter the results. He is a man of honour. Let’s see how this develops

  8. It’s seems like Elliott have sold us to…… THEMSELVES! What the hell is going on! I’m with Maldini on this 1,yes we need more firepower going forward but Paolo knows a player when he sees one and he wanted Botman cos he see something in that player. Similar to his trust in Theo Hernandez.

  9. it is clear that since cardinale has not enough money yet, eliott are still the masters of milan and running the show.

    the issue is whether to keep the eliott policy of the last few years (few, cheap signings) or to invest in good strong players to put a good show in champions league – which is maldini’s policy.

    as simple as that …… this is the clash in a nutshell ….

  10. Can everyone sue for a refund on their season tickets already? Looks like they’ll have to import fans at this rate…. Such a disgusting set of people, you build on a winning team and turn it into a winning cycle and not start all over again after winning dumb heads


  11. At this point, Milan has Kalulu (who let’s be honest was great at the end of last season, but it is very different to be starter from the beginning of the season) and Tomori as CB and returning from a long injury Kjaer, so Milan absolutely needs CB that can be a starter. If the ambition is to win Seria A and go more in this year’s CL. So signing a solid CB has nothing to do with investing in the attack. It is not this or that, the reality is that the attack needs players in 3 positions and again no real substitute in defense also, no substitute for Calabria, and if Kalilu covers that then again no CB. So stop the BS that Milan doesn’t need CB. And don’t forget the WC is this year, so schedule will be insane for players participating.

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