Tebas: ‘Juve, Madrid and Barca should be afraid’

by | Jun 1, 2021 17:58 | News, Champions League, Juventus, Serie A

Liga President Javier Tebas warns Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona ‘ought to be afraid,’ because UEFA can exclude them from the Champions League.

These are the only three clubs still committed to the Super League project and face UEFA disciplinary action, with anything from a fine to exclusion from their tournaments.

“It’s not so much a sanction they should fear, as the failure to register them for the competition,” Tebas told Gol Television.

“This is the feeling I get based on what has happened today and what the clubs are doing, that we could see the Champions League without these clubs.

“They ought to be afraid. They believe that by having friends in the court, they can get anywhere, but this is subject to Swiss law and other issues have already gone to the EU court of law.

“As far as I can see, things aren’t as simple as the lawyers of these clubs would like to think.”

UEFA have warned that these clubs cannot be signed up to the Super League and also enter the Champions League.

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