Tebas: ‘Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona lie more than Putin’

by | Mar 3, 2022 12:11

La Liga President Javier Tebas hits out at Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid presidents saying that they ‘lie more than Vladimir Putin’ when it comes to discussing the Super League.

Agnelli is expected to announce a second Super League project during the Financial Times’ Business of Football Summit today. Tebas and UEFA President Alexander Ceferin also attended the event in the morning and didn’t hold back when asked about the breakaway competition which was unveiled for the first time one year ago.

“He [Agnelli] will have to explain it, if he doesn’t explain it, he will be lying,” Tebas said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“A week ago, I think it was in his house there was a meeting of the three teams. Now they are saying they don’t want fixed slots, Real Madrid are saying they don’t want the first slot. It is false.

“It is very difficult for the English teams to form part of this competition so they are creating a European league with two categories and the national leagues are the second category,” he continued.

“There will be two or three people relegated but there will always be the typical teams – Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid. It will be difficult for them to go down.

“They have made enemies of UEFA and the Premier League, whose growth goes against their model. We know this, we have got this information. They can say what they want but this is what they are working on.

“Every time I read about it, I get cross, I think they lie more than Putin, to be honest.

“They are insisting that introducing this will not affect national leagues. We must be idiots, we must be dumb. But we all say it hurts the national leagues.”

The original Super League project was announced in April 2021, but collapsed within 48 hours. English clubs were the first to walk away from the project and were followed by Atletico Madrid, Inter and Milan, the other two Serie A clubs involved in the project. Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid haven’t officially given up and have been working on a second project which will likely be presented today. The Serie A and La Liga giants are currently out of ECA.


  1. NJ

    Comparing the behaviour of a couple of football idiots to a murderous dictator is absurd. People need to think before using such language as it helps no-one and means other people think its ok to do this. Why are so many morons in charge of everything?

  2. Stan (Milanfan)

    Stubborn people 🤣🤣🤣 men like these would rather die than failing or accepting being wrong….is Putin now the new word for some one who lies the most? 😂😂😂😂

  3. Dan

    Boris Johnson lies far more than Putin, as do NATO.

  4. Cypher

    Tebas is neo-Nazi

  5. Bukruqul

    UEFA are a mafia syndicate. They talk about doing things for the fans but their actions are all about the money. That’s why they hate the idea of a super league, because they’d lose money. Almost as corrupt as FIFA.

  6. Keefo

    Has Mr. Putin really told any more lies than and any other heads of state? Does anyone here actually remember these two lovely straight up, sound as a pound fellas – Mr Bush & Tony Blair?

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