Tearful Insigne says goodbye to Napoli: ‘We’re an enormous family’

by | May 15, 2022 14:02

Lorenzo Insigne fought back tears during an emotional speech to the fans ahead of his final match in a Napoli jersey at the Stadio Maradona. ‘We celebrated, suffered and at times argued, but always together, like an enormous family.’

The game against Genoa kicks off at 14.00 UK time (13.00 GMT), you can follow all the build-up and action as it happens on the LIVEBLOG.

He has not been able to agree a new contract and instead is joining MLS club Toronto FC as a free agent from July 1.

His teammates fanned out in a guard of honour as he walked out onto the pitch with his two sons and was presented with commemorative gifts, a framed jersey from Dries Mertens, a painting from Kalidou Koulibaly, a trophy from President Aurelio De Laurentiis – who was booed by the fans.

“As you know, I am not good with words, but I wrote something down,” said Insigne.

“All I can say is thank you. Thank you to a city that gave me everything. I grew up here with you. We celebrated, suffered and at times argued, but always together, like an enormous family.

“I felt loved by the people of my land, of my jersey. Playing for Napoli was not just a marvellous experience, but also a huge responsibility that I accepted with love and pride.

“Any goodbye leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, but this one more than others. Leaving Napoli means leaving home, knowing I will miss this and you forever.

“Over the years, we amassed unforgettable moments that I will take with me. I always gave everything I had, but the biggest game, where there are no winners or losers, is the one we played together.

“Finally, thank you to all the fans of Napoli around the world, to all the teammates who became friends I could count on. Thank you to the entire staff who took care of me from the first day. To the club that made all this possible. To those who always believed in me.

“Thank you from my heart, Forza Napoli always.”

There were banners from both the Curva A and Curva B sections of ultras.

‘Your jersey weighed more than any other, because it belonged to someone who truly loved it. You wore it with creativity, courage and dignity, as a proud son of this city.’

Another read: ‘You conquered less than you dreamed of, was often insulted and given little consideration. You will always be remembered with affection by this Curva!’

Fittingly, the get-together was concluded with a giant bear-hug from Tommy Starace, the legendary kit and coffee man who has been working for Napoli since the Diego Maradona era.


  1. NOrata

    Cor ingrato

  2. NOrata

    Before Napoletani descend on me, I jest. A great player. Good luck.

  3. villarusso

    I have been negative on Insigne and his decision. I hope he becomes a happy Canadian. I never felt he was a great of a player. Wish him well in MLS.

  4. Joel Parkes

    Insigne never lived up to his potential and had an unfortunate history of choking in the biggest games. I look forward to the “new” Napoli, whatever it may be.

    Forza Napoli Sempre!!

  5. Just saying

    Euro winner in # 10. That’s all I have to say. For me a great player. THE FEDERATION, POLITICIANS and all the journalist are FAILING ITALY and its youth
    All u haters should do some homework and realize where the cancer is. Focus ur attention on the real problem.

  6. NOrata

    I get what you’re saying Just Sayin and agree but I think going to Toronto is not so great a move other than for cash. He’s a great player and his talents could be showcased elsewhere in Europe.

  7. Arthur

    Respect not a mercenary but one with love and pride for the shirt….the last of a dying breed

  8. Torredg

    Napoli’s failures can not be laid at the feet of this man. He had some great colleagues but never quite enough to bring home the title but most disgraceful has been the criticism he faced from media and fans alike. It is true something needs to be done for the youth of this historic land starting with respect for all no matter where they reside. Good luck Lorenzo!

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