Tacopina: ‘When I called Milan for Colombo…’

by | Sep 24, 2021 14:58

Joe Tacopina reveals why he decided to buy SPAL and praises Milan loanee Lorenzo Colombo: ‘I can’t believe he is just 19.’

The American businessman bought the Serie B side in the summer: “I saw this opportunity and within a few months, the deal for SPAL was done. This is what happens when you have good people on both sides of the table,” he told the Italian Football Podcast.

“The Colombarini family did an amazing job, SPAL is one of the only Italian clubs that has been profitable during the entire pandemic. Aside from Atalanta, there aren’t many other clubs that can say that in Italy,” he continued.

“The goal is Serie A, I didn’t come here to play in Serie B. This club is a Serie A club, Ferrara is a Serie A city. I’m proud to be the only President in the history of Italian football to win three promotions in a row and that’s a record which I’m proud of.

“But having said that, I’m not putting pressure on anyone here. This year we said our goal is to stabilize the project and make our move next year.”

Lorenzo Colombo was one of the signings completed by SPAL over the summer. The Milan loanee has already scored three goals in five appearances.

“[Milan director] Ricky Massara is one of my closest friends in Italy. He is a great guy, but more than that, he is a football genius, literally a football genius. Ricky is on the same level as all the best,” Tacopina explained.

“He did me a favour. I called Ricky and he loaned me Lorenzo Colombo. He told me, ‘Joe, I’m about to give you the best striker in Serie B. Just watch.’ And you know what, I don’t think Ricky is wrong.

“He [Colombo] will play for the Italian national team one day, no question about that in my mind. I couldn’t believe he was only 19 years old. I was a mess at 19, but this guy shoots balls into the top corner of the net with laser precision from 30 meters.”


  1. Vogel

    Colombo sounds fantastic. I can’t wait for Milan to let him leave on a free some day.

  2. Rosario

    3 goals and 1 assist in 5 games. His goal vs Pordenone was top class, whilst the one vs Vicenzo showcased his power, speed and precise finishing. He is looking confident, fit and hungry to prove himself.

  3. Milan Fan

    Milan have always known about his potential. He is on the right track, will develop nicely and play for Milan eventually when he’s ready.

  4. fossadeileoni27

    You made me laugh Vogel…

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