Tacchinardi: ‘Leao is the same as Henry’

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Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi feels that Milan talent Rafael Leao is “the same” as Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

The 22-year-old Leao is one of the stars in Stefano Pioli’s Rossoneri squad, having scored five goals and providing four assists in 17 Serie A appearances so far this campaign. The Portuguese winger is one of the key figures in the Milanese squad’s attack and his absence last month was painfully felt.

Speaking in an interview with Tuttosport, Tacchinardi compared Leao to Henry, who spent six months with the Bianconeri in 1999.

“The first Henry is the Leao of today. The characteristics of the two players are the same, you see the pace and the one-on-one to always go away on the outside and break the opponent’s defence.

“I was slaughtered on social media for this comparison. But just compare the videos and there’s nothing to say, they’re the same.”

The former Juventus midfielder then highlighted Leao’s various strengths and how he can continue to grow with Milan.

“Leao certainly was a player to wait for. Inexperienced, not easy to place on the pitch, potentially very strong. I don’t see a player in Europe who can duel like him. That he is not consistent, that he has to grow, improve and so on is another matter, but when he expresses his power he can hurt anyone.

“He’s a diamond in the rough, but pure, to be shaped. There is no better team than Milan for his definitive explosion. Within one, maximum two years, Leao will be a star of the new generation of football. All thanks to Ibra.”

Leao, who is contracted to Milan until 2024, has made 22 appearances across all competitions so far this season, for a total of 1535 minutes. In that time, he has scored seven goals and provided five assists, missing four games due to a biceps femoris muscle injury.

6 Comments on “Tacchinardi: ‘Leao is the same as Henry’”

  1. I hope Tacchinardi doesn’t mean he won’t be given a chance at consistency until he goes to England.

  2. @DB Milan

    Milan have already waited for him. That period is over and he’s come good now. There was debate and talk on his attitude and possible departure in the last two years. Now Milan should stop whatever they’re doing and give this guy an extension before it’s too late.

  3. @Milan Fan

    He’s coming good, he’s not there yet but yes he has been far better this season. Lets hope he keeps it up. The extension will happen soon, I have no doubt about that.

  4. Shame Italian clubs rarely give the time and confidence to young Italians. Juventus are the most guilty and I am bold enough to admit this being a fan.

  5. @ DB Milan

    I hope you’re right. I was pretty sure about Kessié and then suddenly it was too late. You never know with these agents. Their clients have one good season and suddenly they want a top contract with huge wages.

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