Szczesny: ‘Tragic Juventus performance against Chelsea’

Wojciech Szczesny admits Juventus put in a ‘tragic’ performance for their 4-0 defeat to Chelsea. ‘We were unable to challenge them in any way.’

Champions League | Chelsea 4-0 Juventus: Bianconeri get the blues

The Bianconeri had already booked their spot in the Champions League Round of 16, but this was a head-to-head for group leadership and it ended in a thumping 4-0 humiliation.

It could’ve been far worse if not for Szczesny making several big saves.

“Unfortunately, tonight we saw the difference between the two teams,” the goalkeeper told Sky Sport Italia.

“They are the best team in Europe, the reigning champions of Europe and today we were unable to challenge them in any way. It hurts, it really hurts.

“On Saturday there’s a head-to-head with Atalanta in Serie A, it is very important, we must put this behind us and focus on that game.”

Juventus continue to be alarmingly inconsistent, as the moment they appear to find their form, they collapse again.

“I get the sensation we have found our balance, it’s just that tonight we put in a tragic performance and were punished by four goals.

“You can lose, but I struggle to accept losing like this.”

9 Comments on “Szczesny: ‘Tragic Juventus performance against Chelsea’”

  1. Cry me a river. Juve isnt just on levels with chelsea quality. Maybe can win when star players start to perform

  2. This would never happend with the old spirit of Juve. The players today think they playing for Fiorentina.. Rabiot, Bentancur, Mckennie, Arthur, Locatelli 😂😂😂 send them to the lions! Dybala, Morata, Alex Sandro, Wotjeck, Cuadardo, Bonucci… send them to the lions!!!

    We need a new start with a new solid ground. Keep Chiesa, De ligt, Kulusevski, Bernadeschi . The rest can play for….. Fiorentina!


  3. This is NOT on Alegri! What are you fans talking about?
    Juve have a terrible squad, especially in midfield, and there is no good centre forward to link the play. Virtually NONE of those Juve players could get away from the Chelsea pressure, do a trick or play a great pass. There was no counter attack.

    A team with Bentancur, McKennie, Rabiot and Morata as the striker is basically Europa League standard. It is amazing Alegri managed to get the team playing this well!
    Big signings needed in January or this season is all over and can expect a 6th or 7th place finish!

  4. This is absolutely on Allegri. I agree that the players are not at the level of the past. However Sarri and Pirlo both had the same tools to work with. What I am seeing is a rapid decline in the basic standards of our dna called grinta. The Mister had the mind set to go ultra conservative and that sends a message to the whole of Europe that we are not a serious club.

  5. Chelsea is beatable… abd I doubt they are the best team in Europe. Juve could, and should, have done better. Allegri had a poor game strategy that lacked any offensive creativity.

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