‘Surprised’ Marchisio first Juventus legend to react to board members’ resignation

Claudio Marchisio in a suit

Claudio Marchisio is the first Juventus legend to react to the resignation of all club board members: ‘I think we’ll know something more quite quickly.’

Juventus have confirmed through an official statement that all their board members, including President Andrea Agnelli, have resigned following an investigation for alleged tax fraud and suspects of having hid payments to their players after the COVID pandemic.


The news broke during the second half of Portugal-Uruguay and Marchisio, a former Juventus midfielder, now a World Cup pundit for Rai Sport, was the first one to comment on the news.

“Clearly, it’s surprising but Before judging and commenting we must understand what happened, and with time, I think quite quickly, we’ll know something more,” said Il Principino.

Juventus have confirmed the appointment of Maurizio Scanavino as their new CEO adding that the new shareholders’ meeting which had been postponed from November 23 to December 27 will now take place on January 18, 2023.

Marchisio, a former midfielder for Juventus and Italy, lived Agnelli’s Golden Age at the club, scoring 37 goals in 389 appearances and winning seven Serie A titles.


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  1. # Bring in Big Sam Allardyce. A master craftsman at salvaging scraps and a scholar of guiding village teams up the lower divisions. Gonna need him for those nights in the fourth tier.

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